MacJams posts more free collections of Apple Loops

MacJams has teamed with Advanced Media Group to offer GarageBand and other Mac musicians five weeks of free loops.

MacJams has posted the fourth of five free collections of Apple Loops they’re giving away for a total of five weeks. The fourth collection features over 16 Megabytes of loops, and a total of over 100 Megabytes of loops are now available through their “Five Weeks of Free Loops” promotion.

More info and download links all four weeks of loops here.


  1. This is a little misleading. It says you’re free to download them, but you can’t use them in any commercial project, and if you post them online, you can only post your projects on MacJam’s website. So the word ‘free’ should come with Big Scare Quotes, in my opinion.

  2. Oh c’mon, they’re free in at least one sense of the word!

    For most of us, who just toy around with Garageband, the license is good enough, and the meaning of free good enough too. (There’s plenty of O/S that is only free for non-commerical use too).

  3. They don’t charge for them. They’re free.

    If you want to use them for commercial purposes, it’s only fair you pay for them. After all, you’re going to use them to make money.

    Don’t like their offer? Pass and move on.

    Whining never made anybody happier nor richer.

    MDN Magic Word: “earlier”. As in “The earlier you stop your childish whining, the better”

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