Analyst expects 3-6 million 4GB flash-based Apple iPod mini units to ship in second half 2005

“In a move that could have big implications for the storage and chip markets, Apple will unveil a new flash memory-based iPod later this year, say analysts,” Troy Wolverton and Bill Snyder report for “The company will soon replace its hard drive-based 4GB iPod mini with a flash memory-based version that has the same storage capacity, Nam Hyung Kim, an analyst with industry research firm iSuppli, says in a recent report.”

Wolverton and Snyder report, “A report this week from Deutsche Bank Securities analyst Ben Lynch says Apple is expected to have the device on store shelves in time for the holidays; Kim says Apple is expected to ship 3 million to 6 million of the devices in the second half of this calendar year.”

“With its line of iPods, Apple has dominated the digital music player business, accounting for more than 73% of the units shipped in the U.S. in the first half of the year, according to the NPD Group, an industry research firm. Though its initial players were all based on hard drives, the company jumped into the flash-based market earlier this year with its introduction of the iPod shuffle,” Wolverton and Snyder report. A flash-based iPod mini would offer “the storage space available in a hard-drive based player and a screen to boot — while allowing Apple to package it in a light-weight device.”

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  1. A flash-based iPod mini would offer “the storage space available in a hard-drive based player and a screen to boot — while allowing Apple to package it in a light-weight device.”
    … with longer battery life and skip-free use during sports/exercise. It’ll kick ass.

    MW: Probably. As in, I’ll “probably” make this my fifth iPod purchase!

  2. I personally cannot wait for this product. I need something to go snowboarding with. The hard drive players, in addition to being fragile, have terrible battery life in the cold weather. I wonder if these will be better …

    I would have bought a shuffle but i was waiting for the second generation ones.

    I also just got a 4GB mini as a throw in on a relative’s iBook purchase. How do people with multiple iPods manage? Do you have specific ones for specific activities? Or do you put all your classical music on one iPod, and all your rock on another?

  3. Winston hit the nail on the head. This IS gonna kick ass. Will this be *the* product of Christmas ’05? Candy colors, light weight, long battery life…oh man…

    MW=trouble. As in, those other poor slobs are in LOTS of trouble.

  4. Hey Mike…I have 2 iPods and I use both of them regularly. I use my shuffle for when I’m exercising and my 30GB photo for basically everything else. Works out great that way. The shuffle doesn’t ever skip and I don’t need a screen either since you can’t really look at one while running or biking anyway.

  5. I’m with Rob – use a shuffle for running and my 3G pod for the car etc.

    A 4 gig flash based mini is good, but I’m more in the market for a replacement for the 3G pod. Need more space and the color screen is certainly more readable.

    The shuffle was perfect for me – enough songs to run a marathon with and cheap at $99.

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