Windows-only Google Desktop’s Sidebar plug-in ‘gdTunes’ controls Apple iTunes

“Music indexing seems an obvious extension of Google’s content-aggregating activities. After all, music is widely searched, downloaded, listened to, and bought on the Web,” Bambi Francisco writes for MarketWatch. “Google has acknowledged that managing music is a service that people may want. The latest version of its desktop search product includes a sidebar toolbar with an option, or plugin feature, that lets you manage your Apple iTunes music collection.”

Francisco writes, “The sidebar toolbar, which was launched Monday, acts as a dashboard of sorts to give people a quick glance at personalized information from the Web and their desktops. The iTunes plugin, which lets you control the song selection from the sidebar, wasn’t developed by Google, but by a third-party software developer who wanted to manage his iTunes collection on Google’s sidebar, said Nikhil Bhatla, a product manager at Google.”

“OK. It’s not exactly a big Google and Apple partnership (Google’s desktop search doesn’t even work on Apple’s Macintosh computers), nor is Google making a foray into some sort of music-search business. But this little iTunes plugin is an interesting footnote,” Francisco writes.

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Google Desktop: More info and download (Windows XP or Windows 2000 SP 3+ only) here.

“gdTunes” is a plug-in for the Google Desktop sidebar. With gdTunes, you can control the Apple iTunes music player.

Available controls:
• Play/pause
• Next Song
• Previous Song
• Repeat (Off/One/All)
• Shuffle (On/Off)
• Show/hide iTunes
• Rate songs

More info and download (Windows XP or Windows 2000 SP 3+ only) here.
Is this the reason for the Google/Apple iTunes rumor or is something more to come?

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  1. Well, I can’t check this out, not being on a PC and all … but I’d guess it’s a good thing. Yet another prominent vector pointing towards iTunes, eh? Seems like that might be real good.

  2. Google is a company that actually seems to ‘get it’. I am much more worried that the products that they come up with to fill the innovation gap on the windows side of things will be ‘enough’ to keep people suffering with windoze rather than taking the plunge and switching than anything that comes out of M$. Mostly what you get from M$ is vaporware or buggy with swiss cheese for security.

    It would be cool if Google and Apple did something together but even it they don’t, I guess it is good to have google around so there is some sort of real competition on the innovative side of things for Apple. Google is taking a “Lemon” environment and making Lemonade in their part of it. This is good since it will help keep Apple sharp but as I said before, if it keeps people suffering in the Lemon environment, good intentions could end up having a bad effect.

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