Intel shows new chips, talks ‘performance per watt’

“Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday company chief executive Paul Otellini said the industry is on a new ‘performance per watt’ course that will deliver powerful Intel-based computers that are increasingly smaller, sleeker and more energy-efficient,” AppleInsider reports. “During his keynote address at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Otellini unveiled the company’s next-generation, power-optimized micro-architecture for future digital home, enterprise, mobile and emerging market platforms — and low-power products aimed at a new category of converged consumer devices.”

AppleInsider reports, “In the second half of 2006, Otellini said Intel will introduce the micro-architecture, which combines the strength of the company’s current Intel NetBurst and Pentium M micro-architectures and adds new features. ‘We will deliver ‘factor of 10’ breakthroughs to a variety of platforms that can reduce energy consumption tenfold or bring 10 times the performance of today’s products. Otellini showed the first public demonstration of Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest, which are codenames for upcoming Intel processors for notebook, desktop and server platforms designed on the company’s 65-nanometer technology manufacturing process. He also said Intel has more than 10 processor projects that contain four (quad-core) or more processor cores per chip.”

Full article with more details here.

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  1. Intel inside still feels like indigestion but I’ll live
    just goes to prove many people like Macs because they’re not windows… and it’s more “cool”

    Many Mac users are clueless zealots… or not objective. Those type of users annoy windows users…

    no offense, btw… i’m not talking about you, here… just some people are actually like that…

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