Cobb County Schools Superintendent Redden resigns over Apple iBook imbroglio

“Cobb County schools Superintendent Joseph Redden announced his resignation Tuesday evening, ending months of controversy over a groundbreaking technology program that became a litmus test on his leadership,” Kristina Torres and Mary McDonald report for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“‘We’ve got a divided board, we’re spending far too much time (on this),’ Redden, a retired Air Force general who came to Cobb in Nov. 2000, told a reporter. His last day is Wendesday. ‘For the good of the district, this helps us move forward. No individual is more important than the organization.’ In a statement released to the school system’s staff, he said, ‘Clearly, the best interest of the district lies in moving forward to serve the children of Cobb County, and I don’t believe that under current circumstances we are able to do so effectively.’ Redden told staff he hoped they would be able to focus on student achievement without ‘the added distractions that have consumed our energy of late,’ a reference to scrutiny of his role in awarding a multi-million dollar contract to Apple Computer,” Torres and McDonald report.

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MacDailyNews Take: So, are the people that ginned this whole thing up finally happy?

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  1. What a crock.

    One a few people, and one in particular, don’t like the way the money was spent and they use the letter of the law rather than its spirit — and they find a judge who will enforce the letter of the law rather than its spirit — and who get’s hurt? The children. They don’t have any computers. Not Macs. Not HPs. Not IBMs. Not Gateways. Not even Dells. Nothing.

    Good going, idiots.

  2. This story is pathetic. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a frightening tendency in so many people to rabidly oppose anything they don’t agree with or understand. Some people, clearly, are threatened by virtually anything even slightly outside the mainstream.

    I wouldn’t be all that surprised if, sooner or later, some moron declares that using a Mac is like being a Communist… positively un-American! Perish the thought.

  3. Brando,

    Please do keep your money. We will gladly take care of your work, so you don’t need to train your children.

    When we open our new local shops in the US you can clean our floors.


    India Institute of Technology
    Class of 2027

  4. Typical politician spend unnecessary money on a useless project with no results, then when it starts to heat up resign so it will not effect his record. I still think all the school board should be arrested and prosecuted for sighting riot and stealing from the tax payers. Any laptop should be worth $50 in parts if it did not work. There is not a one of them that should be allowed to participate in the education of a child. Dumb in and dumb out.

  5. I love the Mac as much as anyone, but this is ridiculous… From all the whining around here, you’d think it was impossible to provide a quality education without a computer at every desk! Who cares whether the laptops are from Apple or Dell when the kids are going to be mind-numbingly ignorant when they graduate anyway? No amount of money dumped into the bottomless pit of technology is going to save the wretched public school system in this country…


  6. Hey, ap, are you putting forth the utterly shocking notion that we need actual flesh-n-blood TEACHERS who are competent and able to get ideas and a love for learning across to their young students? How oddly refreshing…

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