Apple’s iTunes Music Store Japan mistakenly sold some albums at 96% discount

“Apple Computer Inc. must be singing the blues after discovering its Japanese iTunes Web site sold albums last week for just 50 yen each. The cost was a fraction of the intended 1,500-yen price, sources said,” Hiraku Toda reports for The Asahi Shimbun.

“While the company has declined to comment on the matter, the sources said the low price at the iTunes Music Store was likely a mistake,” Toda reports. “The bargain was available last Thursday from the early morning to late afternoon, when it was possible to download Toshiba EMI Ltd. albums at 50 yen each. Dozens of albums, including those by rock group RC Succession and singer Saori Yuki, sold at the price.”

Full article here.
Apple wants to avoid these pricing mistakes since, as stated in the full article, “a music download service never runs out of stock and potential losses… could expand without limit.” This one seems to be a one-time error that ran for a few hours one day last week and was quickly corrected. Great deal for those that got it!

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  1. pricing errors are common in retail…

    haven’t you ever had something ring up eithe rtoo low or too high at a grocery store or convenient store? Heck, even large appliance stores like BestBuy have been known to make pricing mistakes that discount one model TV hundreds while over pricing another model.

    Interesting note about “never running out of stock” though. More interesting would be to know the safeguards that did/may have stopped this – is there some flag that goes off when a certain albums sales jump rapidly or perhaps an “average selling price” flag that was just too low?

    MDN: age

  2. Oops! Or maybe Ace was right. Whatever the screw up cost them was less than it would cost to advertise in all the newspapers this story will end up in.

    On a completely unrelated note, does anyone else’s cursor sometimes disappear when going up to the back button, only on MDN? It’s been happening on and off to me for years on a variety of different computers. I hadn’t see it happen recently until just now. Do other people see this or is it just me?

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