Henrico citizens stampede for $50 Apple iBooks

“A mad rush happened this morning when the gates opened at 7 a.m. at the Richmond International Raceway for Henrico County School’s $50 i-book [sic] laptop computer sale. The much-anticipated computer sale started at 9 a.m. but many people came late last night to wait outside the gates in line,” NBC12 News (Virginia) reports.

“When the gates finally opened, several people were hurt with scraps and bruising as the crowd rushed in. One woman with a one-year-old child pushed in, but her stroller was crushed in the rush,” NBC12 News reports. “The County is selling the 1,000 surplus computers to Henrico county residents because it has switched from i-book [sic] to Dell computers. People wanting to buy a computer must prove they live in Henrico County and are only allowed to buy one computer per person.”

Direct link to the video (RealPlayer) here.

[UPDATE: 1:20pm ET: The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a slideshow of the event and stampede here: http://media.gatewayva.com/photos/rtd/special/ibook/index.htm ]

MacDailyNews Take: Somehow, we can’t imagine the good people of Henrico trampling each other to get four-year-old Dells when the time comes. The Henrico School System will most likely be paying some company $50 per Dell laptop for recycling/disposal. And NBC12, get the name right. It’s “iBook.” It’s quite a simple thing to get right, but it looks really stupid when you get it wrong. (We’ve worked in and consulted for TV stations for a good number of years. Trust us, most of the people working at your local TV station aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack.)

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  1. I hope someone is videotaping this to make an iMovie called “Gold Rush”!
    Or something like that.

    Gee, Apple should use this in their advertising campaign!


    – DogaDoga

  2. Henrico County School District is run by a bunch of idiots. First, the could have easily sold the iBooks for $100, or more. And, secondly, they could have avoided the mad rush by forming a line and handing everyone a ticket with a number. And, if you more proof, they switched from iBooks to Dells.

    Stupid, stupid people running our schools!

  3. Please, please, “JJ” — pull your head out of your ass. Or out of the Henrico School District’s ass. Or out of your own ass. It doesn’t matter which. Look — no one (even the morons running the School Board down there) would even try to sell four year old Dell’s. Those things would be so useless after four years in de hands of those students that they’d be better off using them as lunch trays. Hey, I keed. I keed because I LOVE de retarded.

    Especially when they run school districts.

  4. Who runs this place. Henrico County School District are bunch of idiots. The people are nuts and who suffer in the end the kids. By both worlds, one the schools going to sorry Dells and two the poor kids almost get kill trying to get a $50.00 computer. Man, this is stupid. Why didn’t Henrico County School District just let the student who had the ibook in the first place keep them. How much can you gain by selling a bunch of computers at $50.00 a pop. It’s a sad sad world we live in. We will see a year from now, how them Dells are working. Look like some job openning in the future on that school board and going to need IT people to fix those Dells too. Thats more taxes for them. Man I love this Henrico County.

  5. Why not just do a public auction to get a fair market price out of them? For $50, you’d have to be dumber than the school officials (who switched to Dells) for not picking one up.

    I just did a search on eBay for a 500 MHz iBook. Working ones are selling for over $300 and broken ones (for parts) are selling for over $150.

    They really should have sold them for market price and then used that money to buy new ones and then see how much they really cost….

  6. ” . . . I keed because I LOVE de retarded.

    Especially when they run school districts.”

    Truer words were never spoken by a dog.

    And “hammer” — stick to the topic. Don’t we have enough good fodder for discussion in just the Mac world? This Henrico County idiocy alone is providing a wealth of material.

  7. NBC12 will have Apple i-book experts in the Call12 Center tonight from 5-6:30 p.m. to answer all of you i-book questions. Call tonight, 345-1212.

    What would an i-book expert be able to say about Apple iBooks?

  8. Hate to say it (well, no I don’t), but sometimes this is what you get when your government is administered at the county level. It’s just too far removed from the direct control of the people. I much prefer the process here in New England: Whether it’s Town Meeting (smaller towns) or Mayor & Council (cities and bigger towns), there is little to no power at the county level.

    County government = bloated, out-of-control, and unanswerable buffoons running your lives. Just look at this idiotic school board.

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