Sexohol releases world’s first Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widget album

Sexohol has released their debut album, “Enjoy!” as a free Dashboard Widget for Apple Computer’s Mac OS X Tiger 10.4. The free “Enjoy!” Widget Album lets music fans listen to any of the 12 songs from “Enjoy!” whenever connected to the Net, while providing lyrics and photographs from the CD. The full version, “Full Enjoy!ment”, lets fans listen to the album without an internet connection for just $9.99.

“We’re big fans of widgets,” says Roger Quickly, lead singer and guitarist for Sexohol in the press release. “We’ve tried thingamabobs, doohickeys, and whatchamacallits, and frankly, they’re over. Have you tried to code a thingamabob lately? The dealybop syntax is so twentieth century.”

Sexohol’s co-lead singer and bassist, Golden Delicious, sees Widget Albums as the wave of the future. “Our Enjoy! album was added to the iTunes Music Store just over a week ago, but online buyers say they miss the full CD experience. Our attempts to squeeze a physical CD through an ethernet cable failed, so we did this instead.” She then adds, “And, oh yeah, with our tradition of innovation we thought it important to be first.”

Roger describes the innovative technology behind the Enjoy! Widget Album: “If you don’t own any of our songs, the widget streams them from the Net. But if you’ve bought our songs from iTunes, or copied them from your Enjoy! iPod shuffle or CD, tiny widget elves find and play the local copies. It’s all done by widget elves.”

Apple’s easy-to-use Dashboard environment let Roger and Golden create the widget themselves. “Usually, I’m not attracted to Unix,” explains Golden. “Something’s, you know… missing. But it’s a real pleasure working with Tiger’s tools. Rrrowwwrrrrrrrr.”

The Enjoy! Widget Album, which streams songs on demand, is a free download. The Full Enjoy!ment Widget, which bundles the 12 songs into the widget, costs $9.99. Both are available immediately at the Sexohol website ( and require Mac OS X TIger 10.4 for Macintosh.

Sexohol “Enjoy!” album is also available here: Apple’s iTunes Music Store


  1. OK. Not a fan of the music, it reminds me of that song from that silly movie, “EuroTrip”. I forget what it was called, but it was about the boyfriend who finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him with the musician who wrote the song. The first time you hear it, your like, god whatever. By the fifth time you hear a different version, your singing that insipid refrain, “Scotty doesn’t know”. Except they made a whole album out of songs like that.

    But the widget is cool. I like that they provide lyrics. I have a number of iTunes albums that have come with videos and PDFs, and not a single one of them has provided lyrics.

    I wouldn’t want to collect 2,768 album widgets though. It be nice, if someone developed a single album widget that displayed cover art, liner notes, and lyrics; and maybe worked like CoverFlow–which allows you to scroll through the album covers select the album and play the songs from that album. When you select a new album it automatically switches the song playlist. Even for a demo, it’s pretty cool.

    But still congrats to Sexohol, it’s a cool widget.

  2. Ummmmm, yeah. Musically, they sound like an unholy pairing of Kenny Loggins and Olivia Newton John. Yech! Well, 2 points for being innovative with a widget, and their little deal with selling their album pre-loaded on an iPod shuffle is worth another 2. Unfortunately, their music is so bad I have to deduct 20 points for that, and then a further deduction of 1,000 points for that guy’s hair, or whatever that is on his head. Sorry guys.

  3. It’s the beginning of the end!! Disposable Widgets!!
    Once you pay for the widget, can you then import it into iTunes?
    This would be a great mechanism for advertisers to promote their catalog.
    People wouldn’t even notice that they were basically using an application that is competing with iTunes…

  4. [and then a further deduction of 1,000 points for that guy’s hair, or whatever that is on his head.]

    It’s a… Tattoo? A very original Darth Maul-like tattoo…

    Isn’t the whole tattoo fad over, yet? Can’t we atleast move forward with more ‘Tatu’? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> That’s entertaining for a while.

    Atleast people can grow out their mullets, and throw out their leg-warmers and bell-bottoms? Without photos you have plausible deniability. But, skin sags and your ink won’t rub off.

    Anyhoo, the hipster pants are retro, but they’re notched ‘down’ to a very 2000-ish extreme. Remember, the Girls in the 70’s never had Venus3 razors! But even that was in! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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