President Bush’s weekly radio address podcasts available via Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“President Bush’s radio addresses [are now] offered via podcast… Here’s what White House spokesman David Almacy told me: Selected Bush speeches, along with the radio addresses, are available now at the iTunes Web site. A team of about a dozen Web staffers are converting these and selected speeches into MP3 files and making them available too,” Robert MacMillan reports for The Washington Post.

“Not only that, the White House has created RSS feeds for the radio addresses in English and Spanish. That means that anyone who wants to can sign up to receive the information through their RSS readers along with news and other Web site updates that offer this service,” MacMillan reports. “‘As technology advances, the White House recognizes the importance of providing content in new ways to reach new audiences to communicate the president’s vision,’ Almacy said. Regardless of the current brouhaha over what that vision is, it might be possible to classify the Bush White House as jumping ahead of the curve on technology.”

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U.S. President George W. Bush’s Weekly Radio Address to the Nation:

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  1. Can’t wait to here the Chief Executive arguing the case for Intelligent Design against evolution.

    Maybe Iraqi agents put the fossils in the ground?

    Of course, if Intelligent Design and creationism were a valid concept, he and his family wouldn’t have been able to make money from oil which is derived from decomposed carbons that are hundreds of millions of years old, as opposed to creationism which argues that the world is several thousand years old.

    But let’s not let logic get in the way of pandering to the religious right.

  2. Here iTunes and Podcasting are gaining the backing of the White House and all the mac fans can do is flame the president…

    This basically shuts the Microsoft “blogcast” out of the water, establishes iTunes as “the” medium for obtaining podcasts…

    Does no one see the significance in this?

  3. Science, your cute little arguments add no value to a discussion b/w ID and Evolution. Of course, that’s to be expected, b/c Evolution is currently as much a belief system as ID. Start really digging through the science, and you’ll see the support for Evolution as a theory is much weaker than the support for almost any other commonly-held theory. That’s not a surprise, this is a process that, if true, will take us a long time to understand, b/c it takes a long time to happen. But what is surprising is the ferocity with which people defend something that they know so little about And yes, it happens on both sides of the argument. Didn’t your mom ever tell you two wrongs don’t make a right? Just b/c some Creationists are blatantly unreasonable, or just unknowledgeable about the scientist, doesn’t mean that many Evolutionists aren’t just as bad.
    MW: when, as in “when will these foolish people learn?!”

  4. What’s he talking about? The success in Iraq? Not. The Success in the War on Terror? Not. Karl Rove? Not. Global Warming? Not. Gas Prices? Not. Countries like Iran, N. Korea, and Venezuala that lost all respect for us, and have been empowered by the last 6 years? Not.

    What the hell is there to be happy about?

  5. MW: value, as in Yes, this adds value to our nation

    your friggin crazy

    there are no values in this nation unless it comes with a price tag

    as far as bush’s podcast, count me out

    nothing i hate more than a moron with a microphone and a jesus complex…
    with that smug “hey man it’s cool” redneck idiot attitude

    he should stick to killing troops not “pod”waves

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