Piper Jaffray: iTunes Music Store may account for 5-percent of Apple’s 2006 revenue

Piper Jaffray has reiterated their “outperform” rating on Apple Computer and their $52 target price, noting that the success of Apple’s iTunes Music Store may provide additional revenue for the Cupertino-based company, according to a report from Forbes.com.

Piper’s research note stated, “We are currently modeling for iTunes revenue to account for 5% of revenue in calendar 2006.” The research firm stated that Apple could realize incremental earnings-per-share of 2 cents in 2006 based on an iTunes operating margin of 5%. Alternately, Apple could see upside of 6 cents per share on a 7.5% iTunes margin, or 8 cents based on a 10.0% iTunes margin.

“iTunes is off to a strong start in Japan, where customers downloaded more than one million tracks in the first four days following the launch of the service,” Piper said. The research firm said the successful launch of Apple’s iTunes Music Store in Japan is another indicator “that pockets of untapped demand remain in the international market for digital music.”

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