NASA claims astronaut first podcaster from space

“Since its humble beginnings last summer, podcasting has grown to be just about the hottest tech trend on Earth. Well, make that in the solar system now, as Space Shuttle astronaut Steve Robinson has just sent back what NASA is calling the first-ever podcast from space,” Daniel Terdiman writes in CNET’s Science Blog. “On the tech culture blog, BoingBoing, Xeni Jardin reports that several readers questioned NASA’s touting of the podcast as an actual podcast. After all, Robinson’s space musings don’t come with an accompanying RSS feed, an essential element of a podcast.”

Terdiman writes, “So, maybe NASA is stretching the truth a little bit and trying to get a little extra attention by latching on to the cache [sic] that comes with podcasting these days. No matter, writes Jardin, sending back an archivable Web-based audio file from space is pretty cool regardless of the exact format.”

Full article here.

NASA’s podcast page and link to the podcast here.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t you just wish that Robinson’s first name was Will?


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