Analyst: Apple CEO Jobs to make ‘significant announcement’ during September 20 Aple Expo keynote

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu expects that Apple could introduce more than just new iPods at the Apple Expo this September.

“We believe Apple could use the upcoming keynote by Steve Jobs at the Apple Expo 2005 event in Paris to make a significant announcement beyond just new iPods,” Wu said in a recent research note according to a report from iLounge. “We believe this could be new markets including music subscriptions and video and the ever-elusive Motorola iTunes cell phone.”

A spokesperson for Apple Expo 2005 would not confirm to MacDailyNews that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will present the keynote address this year. AppleInsider’s Kasper Jade last week reported that Steve Jobs’ staff “have already arranged for his trip overseas. Judging by the preparations being made for the Paris expo, sources further stated that Jobs is expected to make at least one major announcement during his presentation.”

The Apple Expo 2005 Keynote presentation will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, on Tuesday, September 20th beginning at 10:00am, (4pm EDT).


  1. I hate even knowing about these events! I’m too damned impatient and the speculation and anticipation just kill me.
    I’m one of the schmucks that are going to be freaking out and hypothesizing what’s coming and we’re never right…

  2. Bill Gates and Microsoft have given up! With immediate effect Apple will be making available OS X lite for use on all wintel machines, with the full version available only on apple boxes.

    That’s it Mr. Giraffe, get all the marmalade…

  3. I want a new Newton, damnit!!

    I want it to have iChatAV and Bonjour with Airport so I can have video conferencing at any given hotspot!
    I want Bluetooth!
    I want RSS for news and podcasts!
    I want audio recording capabilities!
    I want Voice to Text support so I can dictate emails!
    I want Video playback support!

    I want a new Newton, damnit!!

  4. Yeah, I want the new Newton, too. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Also, It would be so cool if Apple and Sony were to join forces and make the underlying OS on the PS3 be OS X. Then Macs would get all PS games for free (perhaps with a Cell-based card or something) and Apple could put the iTunes music & video store on PS3 as well as a Tivo-like thing.

    Just blue-skying.

  5. I want a six button mouse, I want I want I want. You people are never happy. You have a Mac!!!! Windows folks would give internal organs for an OS like Tiger but their job or ignorance (or both) won’t allow it.
    You’re among the lucky few and you should be glad.
    Anyway. This iPodPhone had better be good.

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