Apple secures New Zealand iTunes domain

“Apple has moved a step closer to launching its long-awaited iTunes online music store in New Zealand, taking over the domain name from a Dunedin businessman who first registered the web address,” Reuben Schwarz writes for The Sydney Morning Herald. “The move preceded the launch last week of CokeTunes, a big music download site for New Zealanders set up by Coca-Cola. In what’s believed to be a first in Australasia, customers can sign up and pay for music downloads using their mobile phones, though only if they are a Telecom customer.”

“Neither Apple nor its New Zealand reseller Renaissance would comment on the purchase or the status of plans for an iTunes launch,” Schwarz writes. “Apple seemed poised to launch an Australian iTunes site in May, one month after it acquired the domain. An Australian newspaper reported that some enterprising Australians even managed to create iTunes accounts with Australian credit cards. However, no site was launched and the accounts were shut down.”

Full article here.
Hopefully, the good people of CokeTunes won’t get too attached to being described as a “big” music download site.

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  1. Slightly off topic, I know ….but there’s news about Apple making huge end-roads into the Enterprise market !!

    Yes !! …. Mac OS Tiger will be shipping with a BSOD Widget !!

    Very cool idea !!

    Full story.. Here

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  2. Thanx Dennis … I stand corrected

    I hadn’t had my morning coffee at the time, and was thinking in terms of an “end-around” …

    Oh well… guess I have the NFL on the brain !!

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  3. NZ has some amazing musical talent with a very strong foundation for such a small population (4 million). The government right up to the Prime minister herself is totally supportive of the local talent and fund it quite well.

    Pity then that label constraints won’t allow us to purchase music from other stores though. Ideally there should just be one store glabally we can all browse and purchase from. Also, gift certificates between countries appear unuseable too. Total nonsense (but perfect sense to the labels apparently).

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