Ars Technica peeks at Apple’s portable video plans

“The WSJ is reporting today that Apple has been in talks with major recording companies about selling music videos on iTMS. Apple is also seeking to license some television shows for online sale, although the Journal notes that securing Internet TV distribution rights will take a lot longer than music videos,” Hannibal writes for Ars Technica.

“In my most recent article on the Apple-Intel switch, I mentioned that I had some information that a video iPod was in the works, and indeed Apple’s recent moves are seen by the WSJ and other analysts as a clear signal that a video iPod may be here as soon as September,” Hannibal writes. “I think it’s pretty obvious now that Apple is prepping a portable video competitor to Sony’s PSP, and that the company would like to have as big of a role in the creation of a legitimate online video distribution market as they have had in the online music market. So the big question is exactly what is Apple’s game plan? How will iTMS and the video iPod work together to position Apple and add to the company’s bottom line? I think the iPod + iTMS + AAC combination is an excellent guide for what Apple would like to do with video, and it can be used to predict some details of the iPod video business model.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: QuickTime, Pixar, DRM that only works with “iPod video” models, direct competition with Microsoft’s Windows Media format, the eventualy rebranding of “iTunes Music Store” to something else all figure into Hannibal’s speculation. iTunes Media Store? iTunes Music & Video Store? iMedia 5.0 and the Apple iMedia Store?

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  1. There isn’t anything in that article that couldn’t be deduced with logic.

    Nonetheless, seeing who wrote this article, I’ll take a scoop of salt with this article.

  2. The key is baby steps. Just cuz technology makes iVideo possible doesn’t mean the consumers will support it. if this works, this is justification for Apple to move forward on a video store.

    Jobs is smart in his restraint. He’s dreamy. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”red face” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I think if they can get it off the ground apple should get music videos onto itms as soon as possible.

    We all know that at some point, in some form movies will start to be released by major Hollywood players in a download-able form. Sure apple has ties with Pixar but that alone won’t be enough, by providing music videos in a high quality form they can show that they can do this stuff securely and in a way that the public will use and in turn spend their money on – the two things Hollywood wants. By dipping their toes in the water with music videos via itunes they get revenue from the actual sales, they stop other people getting that revenue and they get a lot of practise for the next big step.

    It almost doesn’t matter if they have an iPod video because people do watch video on their computers – trailers are popular enough. Also since qt7 uses aac for audio they could probably find a way to have the audio of any videos you buy be playable on your ipod. It also serves as an excellent advert h.264 in general.

  4. Content is still king in this market. I for one won’t be one of the legions dropping $600 or $700 dollars on a tiny screen to watch video podcasts or crappy music videos…

  5. how essential will an ipod become if you can keep your video library on there and it will plug into any HD TV? When hanging out with friends you can always offer up whatver you have on your pod as something to do. I dunno, it’s cool, but not revelutionary. Now if you could RENT them and have them on your pod, now THAT would be sweet. Having the pod replace a dvd player is pretty damn sweet though too.

  6. no renaming please.. the iTMS already has music videos.. they need a better way to organize them.. and just add prices instead of free.. (and DL instead of just streaming, naturally)

    next question: who in their right minds is going to buy a podcast.. cuz you know it’s coming..

  7. Let’s not forget the word “Tune” could be used as a more general “to tune in”. So the word could still be used for a more general media store.

    Stay Tuned…

  8. Didn’t Jobs himself say there was no market for portable video players? I for one would not be watching movies on an iPod-size screen. Considering that most Macs/PCs have DVD players built in, as do many TVs these days, I don’t see the need for a portable movie storage unit either.

  9. I think docking is the key to all this personal-prefernce-music-video stuff. Bring it with you and have a dock waiting wherever for you to pop in your personal media. Airplanes. Trains. Automobiles. Personal robot masseuse assistants.

  10. You people take everything “with a grain of salt” unless it is written by someone thorughly and historically pro Mac. Idiots.

    Believe it or not even people who aren’t Mac zealots occasionaly have insight into a direction Apple might be moving in.

    I guess it is easy to sit back and knock other people’s takes without offering anything worthwhile in return isn’t it macnut222?

    I am sure you are one the idiots who rush out and scream “I told you so” once Apple makes an announcement.

    The reason why the term cultist and zealot get thrown around so much is because of undeniably ignorant statements from mightier than thou mac users like you macnut.

  11. “I guess it is easy to sit back and knock other people’s takes without offering anything worthwhile in return isn’t it macnut222?”

    Yes it is. You seem to be pretty good at it yourself.

  12. the iTMS (M for Music) will simply be renamed to iTMS (as in M for Media)
    problem solved, name represents the product, while they can keep the same moniker

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