Apple to launch iTunes Music Store in Japan this August

“Major music label Avex Inc said it has reached an agreement to supply music to Apple Computer Inc’s music download service [in Japan],” Forbes reports. “Apple will launch its iTune Music Store service [in Japan] in August.”

Full article here.

Macworld UK in early June reported, “While most major labels in Japan will feature on iTunes Japan, Sony hasn’t yet agreed contractual terms with the company,” based on a Reuters report.

Full article here.

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  1. Shouldn’t come as any surprise that Sony is holding out (and thereby delay the launch) – The longer Apple’s iTunes music store holds out of the Japanese market, the longer Sony will have to sell it’s players there (before iPods take over again)…

  2. Then why doesn’t Apple release the music store and ignore Sony here in Australia as well? We’re sick of being treated as second-class citizens.

  3. Apple should just open the store with only a few titles.

    The public outrage against labels like SONY preventing people from using iTMS while the rest of the world is using a well integrated music store will cause a backlash against SONY.

  4. Open the store… and embarrass the hell out of Sony.

    Screw Sony… what a bunch of whiners. They’ll jump on the bandwagon soon enough…

    In fact, they’ll be begging to…

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