Thurrott: ‘I don’t see how Microsoft will ever stem the flow of iPods coming out of Cupertino’

“In its latest bid to compete with Apple’s stunning iPod success, Microsoft is considering investing in or even buying portable device maker Creative, and potentially other device makers. In the meantime, Microsoft is working to ensure that Creative’s products integrate better with Windows Media Player (WMP), a capability that will be key for WMP 11, due in beta form this November. After initially promising that Creative would beat Apple in the MP3 player market, the company now plans to simply ‘survive,’ which is a slightly lowered outlook, I guess. Unless Microsoft plans to purchase Apple Computer, I don’t see how it will ever stem the flow of iPods coming out of Cupertino. It’s newsflash time, guys: Get used to being number two,” Paul Thurrott writes for Windows IT Pro.

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MacDailyNews Note: The number two digital media player in terms of market share? Technically, it’s HP with their lineup of “Apple iPods by HP.” Some “lost cause” and so much for “plowing aside,” huh?

Before Apple announced record iPod sales, their highest quarterly Mac sales in four years, and record earnings and revenues, Thurrott latched onto a BusinessWeek article that wrongly predicted flat iPod sales. Thurrott wrote, “Apple… isn’t immune to the natural ebb and flow of business cycles and consumer demand. And all we’re seeing here is an arguably overdue correction of Apple’s recent spate of incredibly good fortune.” Of course, Thurrott was wrong again.

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  1. Thurrot said that?! Everything is going dark…My heart.. the pain aghh!!! ;(

    A few minutes of CPR and I’m back. I just can’t believe that!!

    That’s right, there is no way in hell that Micro$oft is going to be able to do anything against the iPod. Their company is too big to change it’s lame way to “innovate” as Billy boy calls it. The only way they innovate is when the use their check book to buy a company to get maybe one product they like, and then they just change the name, sometime they are so lazy they don’t even change the name.

    Talking about changing names. Did you guys heard they are trying to change the term”Podcasting” to something like “blogcasting” or some other lame Micro$oft term, they can’t stand the fact that the iPod is everywhere!

  2. We have got to be real, the ipod flow will decrease over time, the thing is, and i thought this article was going to mention it, that apple continues to improve the ipod, gives it more functionality and it simply makes people feel like they need one.

    Now, i bought an ipod like 2 years ago, then o bought one for my mother, one for my girlfriend, sister, brother, cousin, girlfriends sister, girlfriens dad, girlfriends brother and im about to buy one for my boss, haha shes awesome!, the thing is that i feel like mine (the first one i bought) is really old, 15 gig model, and im thinking about ebaying it, and going for a new one. Maybee ill sell it to someone here in south america, they pay good prices for used ipods.

    But the flow improves, and i want to get a new ipod, almost every year and a half or so, so when will the market flat-line, when apple stops creating new ipods.

    mw = gee, you gotta flow, gee, you gotta microphone thing so blow me!

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