Mac Mini Automotive Dock for Apple’s tiny Mac debuts

“Mini Dock is a new company out of Japan that makes an automotive docking station for the Mac mini. They are installing the docking station into Saab Cabriolets and Chrysler Grand Voyagers. The systems are using an 8″ touch screen and voice control software for OS X navigation. The kit sells for ¥175,000 JPY [US $1,580] and includes the Mac mini dock, cables, and 8″ touch screen. They also sell the Mac mini dock by itself for ¥55,000 JPY [US $496] for self-installation. There are optional accessories available like the Griffin PowerMate, Keyspan Express Remote, and eTrex GPS that can be integrated into the setup,” reports. has photos and more information here.

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  1. Of course a better solution would be to use a Tablet PC.
    There would be no need to have 2 seperate units, and you would actually have useful software.

    Are you going to use iPhoto on the interstate? If you want your precious iTunes, couldn’t you just bring in yout iPod?

    Once again, another fluff piece with no real world application.


  2. Too big for dash installation. Needs to be dust and weather proof (-30 degrees f in Minnesota) and in a smaller case to fit in the trunk. I’ve not had a use for GPS, except on a boat to find that favorite fishing hole on a large lake.

    Tablet sounds much better for those who cannot navigate.

    Besides, a car isn’t an office or such. The freeways would be much safer if people would concentrate on driving instead of working or playing on a computer.

  3. I am really surprised Apple has not teamed up with anyone (Sony/Pioneer) to create an in-dash iPod deck. If any of you have flip-face cd or cassette decks in your car, then just imagine the cd/cassette slot being the height and width of an iPod, such that you could just slide it in there, then flip the face back up and control the iPod via the dash/steering wheel functions. It could charge off the car battery. This would be very cheap to manufacture since all it is, is an iPod dock connected to an in dash controller.

    Great sound quality, no FM transmitter needed. They would sell a ton of these. They could even have an optional CD changer for the trunk if people worried about the times when they didn’t have their iPod. To use my iPod in the car I currently am hijacking the audio signal from the CD changer in the trunk and substituting the iPod audio instead. It works but i would love to be able to change playlists and such via the display.

    For some reason the iPod + Car combo has been ignored by the iPod 3rd party economy

  4. I don’t understand why you would want a computer in your car? Just to say its there. Where do I get the Tablet PC running Mac? Sputnick running windows in a car is an accident waiting to happen.

  5. Nothing like driving over railroad tracks or hitting potholes and trashing your hard drive! Another one of those “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” type of scenarios.

    MW = “need”, as in who needs this?

  6. It’s not about NEEDS.

    How many people NEED to be talking on there cell phone while driving.

    The mini would be great in a car. In some ways it “could” make things safer. No need to switch CD’s. GPS etc.

    Movies for the kids etc.
    Computers in automobiles will be common within 10 years. You’ll see.

  7. sputnik. The most incorrectly spelled word in America, or anywhere, must be separate. It comes from the word ‘pare’ — to cut away.

    “Of course a better solution would be to use a Tablet PC.
    There would be no need to have 2 seperate units, and you would actually have useful software.”

    BTW, you’re wrong about the tablet.

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