Apple’s iTunes 4.9 contains many hints of iTunes music phone

“The latest version of Apple’s iTunes jukebox software was in circulation only a matter of minutes before Apple enthusiasts began tearing the application’s resources to bits, searching for clues on the highly anticipated iTunes music phone scheduled for release in a matter of days,” AppleInsider reports. “Of course, iTunes 4.9 did not disappoint. Instead, it continued to wet [sic] the appetite of consumers who seem to have been waiting for the Motorola-designed phone to debut for almost a year.”

AppleInsider reports., “Immediately, enthusiasts located phrases such as ‘Eject Mobile Phone,’ ‘iPod Phone Prefs,’ ‘iPodPhoneiTunes Setup,’ and ‘Phone Updating Contacts” from inside the application’s resources.”

Full article and a small icon image resource, possibly depicting the new phone here.

French site Consomac has screen shots from the French version of iTunes 4.9 which shows dialog boxes related to the iTunes mobile phone support here.

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  1. you may not be nit-picking but at least MDN picked up on the error and quoted it ‘as-is’ with the addition of (sic) which should let you know that it has been spelt incorrectly and has already been noted…

    thank you very muchly.

    just release the phone already!

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