Musical mobile phones not ‘iPod killers’ yet

“There’s only one thing truly holding mobile phones back from trampling the iPod shuffle. The trouble is, they might never overcome it,” Charles Arthur writes for Netimperative. “The attractions of playing your music on your phone are obvious. You don’t need to buy an iPod shuffle. You don’t have to swap headphones when a call comes in. Transferring the songs is about as easy as putting them on an MP3 player. (Slightly easier, if you’ve been using some of the Windows-based jukeboxes that aren’t Apple’s iTunes.) It fits in your pocket. You already carry it around all the time.”

“So why don’t I think music on phones is quite ready to displace MP3 players like the iPod? Actually to some extent, they will. They are going to encroach on the low end of the market (particularly, the flash memory-based ones like the iPod shuffle and MuVo) as the year progresses. But phones have fatal flaws in a key department: the user interface, specifically data navigation,” Arthur writes. “That’s why, until the user interface side is sorted out, you’re still going to see companies like Apple walking off with the proceeds of iPod sales, and phone companies struggling to sell music downloads with any conviction. It’s not about the content. It’s about how you get to it.”

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  1. I think the UI can be sorted out, and will be. (I still have not sorted out how to text message with any proficiency.)

    But the reason I’d never use a cell phone to listen to music, or play games for that matter, is battery life. My phone never goes dead at a “good” time. Perhaps it is because I think of my phone as a communications tool that I need to work when I need it to work.

  2. With all this iPod killer this and iPod killer that, the iPod must be the most hated piece of equipment out there. Every other electronics company out there has tried to dethrone the iPod. None have succeeded.

    So all articles about iPod killing gadgets, are henceforth attributed to iPenis (ahem iPod [a genuine Freudian Slip there]) envy.

  3. Additionally, the form factor. I exercise with my iPod shuffle hanging around my neck. I would not want to do this with a cell phone (or regular iPod for that matter).

  4. You want to know why music on phones will never catch on? Same reason why comsumers hate having to go onto the internet using their phone wire–cause they want the internet for the internet and they want a phone to be a phone–cause they need the phone to talk on–when you add funtionality to a phone that takes away its intended use–its a bad idea–
    If you want to say that its an okay idea because people need not listen to music on their phone if they dont want to but just in case they do want to they can–okay its an okay idea. But it isnt an IPOD. Next?

  5. Queen Elizabeth bought an IPOD cause she doesnt need a phone. I bet she will only be allowed to download like pomp and circumstance and Beatles stuff–Apple should buy Apple and the Beatles portfolio. I think that guy above is right about phones and battery life–people are not going to want to use a phone for music. Nevertheless Apple should have had a phone using some sort of Apple operating system years ago.

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