16-percent of computer users are unaffected by viruses, malware because they use Apple Macs

In a press release on Friday, June 3, 2005, Wizzard Software explained why they believe the Macintosh market is important as they prepare to release AT&T Natural Voices for Apple’s Mac OS X:

According to a statement released earlier this year, Apple Computer reported their 2005 first quarterly revenue and net income as the highest in the history of their company, with 74% revenue growth. Apple shipped 1,046,000 Macintosh units during this quarter, representing a 26% increase in CPU units over the year-ago quarter. According to US News and World Report, Macintosh owners buy 30% more software than their Windows counterparts. Further, Macintosh software comprises over 18% of all software sold, according to the Software and Information Industry Association. In addition, the Software Publishers Association (SPA) estimates that 16 percent of computer users are on Macs.

Also, on Thursday, June 2, 2005, Winn Schwartau, one of the country’s leading experts on information security, infrastructure protection and electronic privacy, summed up his first month’s experiences in his conversion from Windows to Mac:

In the WinTel world, could you do this? Or maybe you should ask, ‘Do I really want all of that paranoia to go away? Do I really want to spend more time enjoying whatever the hell I do on my ‘puter, or maybe I should continue wasting hours every week on security crap that shouldn’t be a problem in the first place? Hey. It’s just a question.

Matthew G. Solovey, writing for The Hershey Chronicle on Thursday, June 2, 2005, explained:

As Windows users continue to run their adware, spyware, and virus removal programs, Macintosh enthusiasts have enjoyed – literally – zero viruses. Adware and spyware are nonexistant as Mac users surf the Web without issue. OS X’s UNIX shell is a secure system that keeps your computer safe, and Apple has built in a firewall for added security. In addition, it’s stable. OS X users report months without rebooting their computers.

MacDailyNews Take: Put the ingredients together, stir gently and bake for 10 minutes. What you get is surprisingly delicious: more people use Macs than most people realize and those Mac users efficiently surf the Web with impunity on stable systems that aren’t bogged down by unnecessary virus and malware scanners.

[UPDATED: 6/15/05, 8:05pm EDT]

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  1. This article is a big fsck you to Microsoft and the Wintel establishment. Not only does it point out that more people use Macs than most people think, it also explains that Macs are virus free. It’s a perfect article to email to Wintel Sufferers who might be on the fence.

    This is the article Microsoft hopes nobody ever reads.

  2. But a LOT of those ALSO use Windows. Some of us have no choice if work needs some old Windows program.

    Not pretty, but true.

    I like the {image} of 1 in 6 people using Macs though!

  3. Of course its great headlines stuff that can and will attract attention. Other journo’s will follow it up too. I hope MDN that you got the idea from my post earlier? As in:

    From: Macaday Jun 03, 05 – 05:21 am

    Back to the user base figures.. what we now need are headlines -or advertising- along the lines of:


  4. *applause….

    Wow.. great stuff.. these numbers are so hard to find.. what really counts is installed base, an the 16% number is just incredible!

    Wow.. amazing..

  5. “Macintosh owners buy 30% more software than their Windows counterparts”

    I think the important information is that mac users pay for more software. The average windows user will get office, or at least word with their pc and really what else do they buy? Anti-virus software, maybe some games?

    Since I bought my mac I have paid for more software than I ever imagined I would, a lot of it is shareware type stuff and admittedly I could get freeware versions but I appreciate the good work and am willing to shell out a few bucks for it. On windows if you do a search for a particular kind of app you get thousands of matches – most of which are truly awful. As a result most windows people don’t pay for anything. The average windows pc will be full of dozens of freeware apps that people never use. My mac has dozens and dozens of apps I use all the time, some free, some not.

    It’s all well and good having a much bigger market of users but with apple you get a quality (and growing) market of paying users. Wizzard Software have cleverly realised this.

  6. Here is the statement that cheeses me off no end…
    “I need a PC because at work we use (insert vertical market software name here) and it is only available for the PC”
    If more requests were made to the makers of said software we would see a shift… or better yet, find a developer that is hungry or just out of or even still in school and write the new app yourself!
    My wife is an orthodontist and there is NO software for office management that suits her needs. DentalMac is not there and so far from what I have seen the level of interface deisgn is atrocious, nowhere near Mac standards. So I have been teaching myself Cocoa and brushing up my 20 year old coding skills (God, I can’t believe I used to understand C) and I am writing an app myself which if I can finish it and make it purty I might just sell on the open market.

    Grass Roots people! It aint just fer pole ee ticks!

    Please visit petitiononline.com/xsi2646/petition.html and vote to get Softimage XSI ported to the Mac. No stupid comments please. Thanks.

  7. Good stuff. Once M$ gets enough pressure from this issue, they’re sure to finally do something about it.

    (I’m convinced that they can, but can’t be arsed)

  8. >”Macintosh owners buy 30% more software than their Windows counterparts”>

    That may be because some windows people I hear–steal software by illegal downloading. NO! It couldn’t be–could it?

    MW feet. As in walking to a Mac world.

  9. I don’t think sales represents the percentage of Mac users. The real percentage is a little lower, probably around 10%. The sales figures are that Mac users are more likely to actually pay for the software they use.

    And before someone asks, no I don’t have proof, just supposition.

  10. ” In addition, the Software Publishers Association (SPA) estimates that 16 percent of computer users are on Macs.”

    Actually, what they really meant was, ” In addition, the Software Publishers Association (SPA) estimates that the TOP 16 percent of computer users are on Macs.”

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  11. Actually, it’s hard to tell where SPA gets their numbers, but they _did_ differentiate between market population and market veracity. That is, they believe Mac users buy 18% of the software and comprise 16% of the installed base. It _would_ be interesting to know where they get their numbers.

    Maybe since Internet Exploder has been hit so badly in the browser wars, we’re seeing some “real” numbers for who’s (online, at least) using what operating systems.

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