“Steve Jobs knows that Apple will never wrest away a significant chunk of Microsoft’s Windows market share as long as OS X remains tied exclusively to Apple hardware,” Jason Brooks writes for eWEEK. “I predict that, shortly after the completion of Apple’s big move, the company will deliver OS X Unbound—a version of its excellent and innovative operating system that’ll join Windows, Linux, Solaris and OS X’s own BSD cousins in offering users the option of running the OS they’ve acquired on the hardware they choose.”

“In fact, I believe (and maybe there’ll be a magic Steve Jobs keynote moment in our future to confirm it) that this has been the Apple co-founder’s aim ever since he returned to the company’s helm,” Brooks writes. “What about the much-vaunted, unified hardware and software experience on which Apple hangs its hat? Apple will bill its own systems as the truest path to the full Macintosh experience, and Apple-built machines will remain among the prettiest and best-put-together computers you can find… While OS X will run most seamlessly on Apple-built machines, Apple can ensure good hardware compatibility in the same way that every other OS vendor does—through a hardware compatibility list.”

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MacDailyNews Take: MacDailyNews’ own SteveJack wrote on March 04, 2004:

I believe analysts and others are missing the big picture: iPod success paves the way for Mac OS X on X86. People have argued for years for and against the release of Mac OS X on Intel (and AMD) commodity hardware, but Apple derives such a large portion of its revenue from hardware that doing so could potentially damage the company beyond repair. But, what if Apple replaces that lost Mac hardware revenue with iPod revenue?

Steve Jobs would then be free to drop what amounts to a hydrogen bomb on Microsoft. Mac OS X that runs on “regular” off-the-shelf x86 hardware. Or partner with a Sony, for example – to insure quality. Years before “Longhorn” even comes close to shipping. Moo.

Sell enough iPods and the OS war is on again in a big way – and for real this time. Steve Jobs knows this and that’s why, right now, iPod is much more important than Mac hardware to Apple Computer, Inc.

SteveJack’s article, “iPod success opens door to Mac OS X on Intel” was published over 15 months ago. It’s quite interesting to read that article and the Reader Feedback knowing what we know today.

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