Banc of America: Intel deal ‘a net positive for Apple’

“After Steve Jobs grabbed headlines Monday confirming that Apple Computer will switch to Intel chips, Banc of America Securities looked ahead: ‘On the whole, we believe this is a net positive for Apple’s positioning for the next five years, as the transition will allow it to provide improved performance, better heat and power management, and lower price points, especially for mobile platforms. Further, we have always believed that Apple’s value has rested with its software development (for its OS and applications), rather than the hardware.’ The research firm rates Apple at ‘buy’ with a $44 target price,” Forbes reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: “More than even the processor, more than even the hardware innovations that we bring to the market, the soul of a Mac is its operating system and we’re not standing still.” – Steve Jobs, WWDC 2005 Keynote, June 6, 2005

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  1. It’s gotta be the software, STOOPID!

    MW: their, as in their brains are superior ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Tell that to Wall Street. They appear to have a different take on the Macintel. AAPL’s off $1.10 currently in an otherwise positive market today.

  3. For those PC trolls and Windows hos out there, Enderle, Thurrott, Sammy, Sputnik, NoMacForYou alike, I go news for you. Bill is still trying to catch up with Steve. It took Bill five years to copy Apple by using PowerPC G5 in its Xbox 360. Bill even gives Xbox game developers Apple PowerMac G5 to develop games but guess what? Steve pulls a fast one on Bill and moves on to the next best thing. When Apple stop making PowerMac with G5s, what Bill is going to use to develop Xbox games? I guess MicroS@#t will switch back to Intel chips again in Xbox 3 but by than, Steve will have something else in his sleeve.

  4. Guess what, M$ will use Xbox 360s for further development becuase they will be in production – unlike now.

    I think you pulled a fast-one on yourself with your comment.

  5. Great, somebody finally got it right. It is MAINLY (not 100%, but mainly) about the OS! Apple stock is definitely a buy now, as well as a new Mac, which will run ALL future software (Rosetta it’s called) seamlessly. Great time to be a Mac user…

  6. At $36.xx a share, AAPL is a great buy. Time to pick some more up! AAPL is such a great stock to play because people will sell it off for spurious reasons every two months, only to make it cheaper to pick up just when you thought you can’t get in again.

  7. Botox imposter,

    “Guess what, M$ will use Xbox 360s for further development becuase they will be in production – unlike now.I think you pulled a fast-one on yourself with your comment.”

    How do you know IBM is going to deliver the chips to MicroS@#t on time???????? YOU are the one who pull a fast one on your ass!!!! BTW, you can’t even spell check “because”! Retarded!!!

  8. Botox, Knowone cares what you have to say about bill or steve or your mother or anything else. The fact is, us windows hoe’s that use Mac’s and PC’s, love both platforms and some of us use linux as well. If you were a technologist, then you would understand that all of them have pros and cons, but appearently your not (your a closed minded fanatic that cannot digest anyone using anything other than your pref in OS’s)(but thats okay) I like the Mac, I like Windows, I like Linux, Hell, I even like using a calculator…So quit blowing smoke up your ass and start using your mac for something other than flames.

    So, go away little man.

  9. Wow, I see a lot of anger coming from you NMFY!!! This is the first time you response to my abuse ever!!! Fish in!!! BTW, I used DOS first, then Windows, Mac and IRIS. I am no Swindle XP bigot nor Mac zealot, just someone trying to incite you NMFY, aka Sammy, Sputnik, or whoever trying to be an asshole on this site. The person who needs to get out of this site is the anti-Mac bigots like you !!!

  10. Can’t we all just get along?
    Time to buy some more stock.
    Go AAPL, Go!
    To infinity, and beyond! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  11. Actually there’s a nasty type doing the posts called Longhorn (not Crouching Tiger Hidden Longhorn). He tore into me for talking cricket with Dave H from the West Indies…at the end of all the posts.

    I gave him a full spray of Australian language. If he comes back treat this arsehole with the contempt he deserves. Come on Longhorn let’s see how small your horn actually is.

    MDN magic word: “man” which he isn’t.

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