Yahoo fixes front page for Apple’s Safari 2.0

Yahoo has fixed it’s front page for compatibility with Apple’s Safari 2.0 web browser. Before June 1st, Safari 2.0 couldn’t render the front page correctly. Now it can. had a bug where the search tabs on the top of the page wouldn’t be displayed for users of Safari 2.0.

This bug, which had affected Safari 1.3 for about a week after its release, only recently affected Safari 2.0.


  1. Yahoo may have fixed Safari 2.0 but Firefox (v1.04) on my pc running XP does not render it correctly. The top of the page with the Yahoo logo is completedly missing !!!

  2. ..super. Someone else bends to correct a problem in Safari.

    Meanwhile, my clients STILL can’t view Quicktime content in Safari anymore, since the glorious QT7. And if one more person tells me to delete the frickin’ second plugin, I swear will throttle them.

    h.264 is GREAT! A huge chunk of the population can’t view it ‘cuz we haven’t released QT7 for Jaguar or OS9 or Windows, but it’s GREAT! Just don’t actually USE it for anything but iChat. Which is GREAT, by the way. But you also can’t use that unless you have a G5. But it’s GREAT!

    And you won’t have time to use iChat or QT7 anyway, cuz you’ll be too busy telling Tiger (GREAT!) that this *IS* your keyboard, it’s just hooked up through a KVM switch. Every time you log in. No no, Tiger. It’s a switch. You know, a KVM switch? Like they said you should buy so you could hook your mini up to your existing KVM? GREAT!

    ::another disgruntled mac admin::

  3. Must be your KVM. I have an IOGear KVM which is giving me no difficulty (except that it “couldn’t identify my keyboard” when I installed 10.4.)

  4. Now, if only Yahoo would fix their webmail so I can do an advance search on folders other than my inbox… Grrrr. They’ve known this is broken for a month now (cause I told ’em), and twice they sent me a message to the effect of “Upgrade your browser. Use Firefox, etc.” I told them to have someone who knows the Mac answer emails from Mac users. Otherwise, they just look stupid. Now they’re trying to replicate the problem, but jeez. How hard could it be? It’s just a search form, for chrissake. 🙁

  5. Don’t mean to complain but could they update their advanced Video Window content. Half of the videos play and the other half don’t simply because they stop the video from running on the Mac.

    Don’t get me started on Launchcast. Totally useless on the Mac.

    Fix this and then I’ll be impressed.

    Till then I’ll stick with Google.

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