Adam Curry may demo Apple podcast technology at upcoming conference

“’s Adam Curry said he may demonstrate an upgrade to the iPod allowing users to subscribe to podcasts at a technology conference this month. In an episode of the Gillmor Gang, a podcast featuring tech experts, Curry discussed the preview of the software he got from Steve Jobs, chairman of Apple Computer Corp., during the recent D3: All Things Digital Conference. ‘There’s a possibility them may let me demo it at Gnomedex,’ he said,” Frank Barnako reports for MarketWatch.

“Curry also said he met with a six-person Apple team managing the podcatcher revision to iTunes. He thinks it will greatly increase the consumption of podcasts,” Barnako reports. “Server logs for his own program, Daily Source Code, show only 20% of listeners are grabbing the show using software that automatically downloads the program, Curry said. That means 80% are getting it by going to the site and saving the file to their computers. Making podcast subscriptions as simple as clicking a few buttons, on iTunes software owned by 30 million iPod owners, will inevitably mean podcasts become much more accessible, he said.”

Full article with more podcast news here.


  1. Heh heh. You know who should be sweating bullets right now? Chris “Napster” Gorog and Rob “Real” Glaser. After all, this will be yet another reason to get iTunes, easy access to free podcasts from all over the world. And once you have iTunes, that iTunes Music Store link looks ever so inviting…

  2. Pod-casting is like flycasting, only with iPods. Bass and trout really dig MP3 players, it turns out.

    Seriously, though, it’s just little “radio” programs people create in MP3 format for download.

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