Apple Computer debuts two-page Mac OS X Tiger print ad in Time Magazine (with image)

Apple Computer has debuted a two page Mac OS X Tiger advertisement in the first two pages two pages after the inside cover in the new issue of Time Magazine.

The ad shows two cinema displays, one on each page on a light blue background, showing a screenshot of Spotlight in action on the left page and a screenshot of Dashboard widgets on the right.

The accompanying text reads:

(Left page) Find stuff.

Introducing Mac OS X Tiger. The world’s most advanced operating system now puts even more power at your fingertips. With new features like Spotlight, Mac OS X’s amazing search technology that lets you instantly find anything on your Mac – documents, e-mails, contacts, bookmarks, images, even things inside PDF files.

(Right page) Find out stuff.

And Dashboard, a whole new world of timesaving widgets. Instead of having to visit multiple websites for things like weather forecasts, stock queries, business listings or airline flights, Dashboard brings it all to you instantly, then disappears instantly so you can go back to what you were doing. Just two of Tiger’s more than 200 new features that will change how you use your computer.

MacDailyNews Take: More, and on TV, too, please.

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  1. As I mentioned in another thread, it’s also in the current issue of The Economist.

    I’m curious to see who Apple is targeting, so let’s try to keep tabs on where the ad (or other variations) pop up.

  2. Features such as Expose, Widgets and Spotlight really need television to capture the livelyness of Mac OS X. Print is too static to communicate the strength of these features. If you didn’t know better, a reader could simply view the Widget screen as simply being a bunch desk accessories cluttering up the screen. I can hear it now, “I got a calculator on my PC. What’s the big deal?” Bring on the TV and animated web ads!

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