Creative Technology shares slide to lowest mark in almost two years

“Shares of Creative Technology, whose products compete with Apple Computer’s iPod, fell to their lowest in almost two years on concern demand is slowing for its digital music players. The shares fell 3.6 percent, or 50 Singapore cents, to S$13.30 (HK$62.51) at the close in Singapore. The stock has fallen 45 percent this year, compared with the 4.2 percent rise in the benchmark Straits Times Index,” Andrea Tan reports for Bloomberg News. “In the three months ended March, Creative products stayed in the company’s warehouses for an average of 138 days before being shipped to customers, according to Bloomberg data, 1.4 times longer than a year earlier.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Excuse us for not commenting, we’re enjoying a Zen moment while listening to our iPods.

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  1. This is quite hilarious..

    I fully expect similar ‘affection’ shown towards the Napster stock…

    I believe when asked about Yahoo Unlimited, their reply was.. “Uh.. We don’t really know.. we never thought we’d have to deal with competitors.. we thought we could ride the iTunes backlash (aka Bill Gates petty cash line) to mediocre mediocre black ink”

    Then again, to hear Thurrott put it, iTMS is already out of business because they aren’t subscription.

  2. theloniousMac:

    I agree. There’s no joy in any business failing. Even though they did declare “war.”

    What I don’t understand is, the alleged renters of music must be buying their rent-compatible players from somewhere. The rent-compatible players would have to be of fairly recent manufacture.

    Whose rent-compatibles are being bought? I was under the impression that Creative’s products were second only to Apple in quality/ease of use.


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