Apple offers free human being with purchase of Mac OS X Tiger

Only at the Apple Retail Stores. Free human being with purchase. Buy Mac OS X Tiger or a Mac through May 31, 2005 and choose from two free options:

Option One: Tiger Training
Get a personal tour of the new applications in Mac OS X Tiger while learning cool tips and tricks in a one-hour session with a Tiger Specialist, who will:
• Assess your Mac experience and needs.
• Give you a step-by-step demo of Tiger.
• Set up your Dashboard widgets.
• Answer your questions and suggest exercises to reinforce your new skills.
• Refer you to resources for additional information, support, and training.

Option Two: Tiger Tune-Up
Get up and running with a personalized installation of Mac OS X Tiger. At the same time, a Tiger Specialist will tune up your Mac to make sure you’re getting the most from your computer, and will:
• Assess your Mac for Tiger compatibility.
• Install required Tiger upgrades. You may need to buy additional software or hardware to complete your installation.
• Perform a full, custom, or clean installation.
• Run diagnostic utilities.
• Clean computer case, screen, and keyboard.
• Determine additional future needs.

More info here.


  1. This is a little off topic, but after following the link to the apple site I noticed that their page had a big black and grey “X” on it with vibrant green lettering. Kind of reminds me a little of… oh, I don’t know… Xbox. Kind of interesting, I wonder if there’s a little marketing to the younger consumer going on here. maybe a little, “We’re cool like your Xbox”

  2. Yeah, only Apple would sell you a system for 3 grand, then give you a “free” human…

    How shallow can you get.

    My experiences with the Apple retards at the stores has been less than terrible in my mind.

    I wonder how some of them even get their jobs.

    Maybe they “Give Jobs” first….????

    </Apple Genius Humiliation>

    (MW) Miles, as in, I’ll stay miles away from apple stores from now on…

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