Message Partners adds enterprise class anti-spam, anti-phishing protection for MacOS X email servers

Message Partners has announced the availability of enterprise class antispam and anti-phishing protection for MacOS X email servers with the integration of the Mailshell antispam engine in our innovative Message Processing Platform (MPP). MPP provides a complete security solution for MacOS X email servers including virus and spam blocking, phishing detection, end-user spam queue review, content filtering, denial of service prevention, attachment filtering, business-class archival and more. With the addition of Mailshell antispam technology to the MPP application framework, MPP now features an enterprise class spam engine that is capable of handling the highest work loads with exceptional spam detection rates.

“MPP delivered the first commercial security product for MacOS X email servers and Mailshell extends our lead as the premier solution provider for MacOS X email security,” says Michael Katz, President of Message Partners in the press release. “We have seen a dramatic increase in spam detection rates and a dramatic load reduction in on our servers since replacing Mailshell technology with MPP,” says Lon Baker, VP of Engineering for Spamwire, a Mac based email service provider. “MPP enables us to deploy new services by allowing us to integrate open source and commercial technology into a cohesive application with a single point of management and configuration.”

“We are excited about the market opportunity that MPP offers and expect rapid adoption among OS X shops seeking an advanced, alternate solution to spam and phishing,” says said Tonny Yu, president and CEO of Mailshell.

The MPP is an email security middleware application used to build email filtering, archival and compliance systems. MPP replaces complex, internally-developed filtering applications, inflexible antivirus/antispam appliances, point antivirus and antispam applications and open source filtering tools with a scalable policy-based application framework that is completely customizable to suit your needs. MPP unifies the distinct elements of a filtering service including MacOS based email servers, commercial and open-source scanning engines, provisioning systems, management tools, security controls, quarantine review services and more into a cohesive, easy-to-manage application. MPP provides the integration point and a single point of management, monitoring and configuration for the key service elements of filtering services.

Service providers who use MPP with Mailshell technology as the basis for their email services will gain many benefits including increased revenue opportunities from new business-class email services, reduced time-to-market for new value-add services, lower operational costs of filtering services through unified management, configuration and control of diverse service elements and a completely customizable application framework that can be tailored to reflect the service providers brand and business requirements

Message Partners, based in New Rochelle, NY, provides industry leading integration tools that enable scalable, flexible, policy-driven email security and compliance applications. Message Partners is a subsidiary of RAE Internet, Inc.

Mailshell is the world’s leading anti-spam engine provider and is the first and only anti-spam engine in the world with SpamCompiler Technology. SpamCompiler can process more than a million filter checks in a fraction of a second. Via Mailshell’s OEM partners, more than 5,000 companies and 10 million consumers worldwide rely on SpamCompiler software to block spam. Mailshell’s software helps its OEM partners, including Oracle Corporation, Broderbund and Lyris Technologies, among others, generate new anti-spam revenue, upsell existing products to new anti-spam customers, and cut anti-spam engineering and support costs to near zero. For more information, visit


  1. HELLO? Price tag for this puppy?

    We run Mac OS X Server on a number of PowerMacs. Postfix and Cyrus. Just implementing the Postfix filters alone dropped spam by an order of magnitude. It’s less than 1/10th what it was before the filters. Apple’s Junk Mail Filter gets most of the rest. MailShell is claiming 99.54% effectiveness, which is a decent number. We’re at about 99% with Postfix filters and Junk Mail filter. For free. MailShell’s single domain cost could hit $200 a month for the hosted service. The desktop version is $30. Each. We’re running mail on about 4 dozen domains on Mac OS X Servers. It’s hard to beat the price-performance ratio in Panther Server right out of the box.

    Tera Patricks

  2. Tera, when I saw this headline, I was specifically looking forward to your take on this after having read your earlier article about this on your site. Thanks for being so prompt! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Tiger Server also comes with Postfix/Cyrus so the same filters should be OK (things like Fully Qualified Domain Name lookup, DNS black lists, etc.), too. Tiger Server also comes with Spam Assassin. I trust that Apple did the right thing and installed Spam Assassin and gave it a GUI front end. While SA gets high marks for killing spam, it’s an absolute bear to install on OS X Server.

    As it is now, all of our email accounts combined get an average of less than two dozen spam messages a day, which is a great improvement over the 250 to 250 messages before implementing Postfix filters. Apple’s Junk Mail filter or Spam Seive (I use that) takes care of most of the rest.

    Of course, all the greatest filters in the world still make email mostly a two step process.

    1) Check your inbox
    2) Check your spam box

    What’s nice about the Postfix filters is that a connection is never made between the spammers mail service and Mac OS X’s mail server. It’s possible that some legitimate mail doesn’t make it through, though we’ve not had a problem crop up. Yet.


  4. A few clarifications..

    First of all, thank you for all of the comments.

    The release left our our URL for some reason,, it is our product, not Mailshells. We have lots of MacOS X information posted on our site and on

    MPP is more than a spam filter, it is a total solution for email security including virus, spam, content, archival, extension filtering, denial of service prevention, end-user quarantine review, consolidated management of all elements in the filtering application, snmp monitoring, group policy control to have distinct configurations for different users, domains etc. You can mix and match engines and have different combinations for different customer sets with a significant reduction in load than what you would have with generic procmail rules or SA w/ MySQL for per-user controls.

    We have a free edition to control ClamAV and SpamAssassin with consolidated gui management of all elements of the system, quarantine controls, unlike other.

    Bottom line, check out the product. We have worked very hard, it is unlike any other email security product for MacOS X and it is far more extensive than a single scanner element.

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