People are already buying tracks from Apple’s Australian iTunes Music Store

“Will they or won’t Apple launch the hotly awaited iTunes download in Australia this week? The company is not saying, but iPod fans have discovered a backdoor route into Apple’s digital music store,” Jano Gibson reports for The Sydney Morning Herald. “And the cost of each track is $1.69, slightly cheaper than predicted by Russell Crowe, who said iTunes would launch in Australia on Thursday at a cost of $1.80 per track… Buyers have received emails confirming their membership to “The iTunes Music Store Team, Apple Computer Australia Pty Ltd.”

Gibson reports, “ was able to download a Daft Punk song on Wednesday, while Victorian Chris Howard bought a John Mayer track – No Such Thing – last night at the iTunes site.”

Full article here.

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  1. The real question is this: Is today in the USofA tomorrow in OZ or is today in OZ tomorrow in the USofA.

    Oyich, me head hurts. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”hmmm” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Will we see a new version of iTunes to mark the 2nd anniversary I wonder? Most of Apple’s apps and all of the iLife suite bar iTunes have been updated recently, partly I guess in preparation for Tiger.

  3. Lee

    Word is the record companies pushed it higher in Oz. They didn’t want to get trapped, like in US, into a price lower than they really wanted.

    So us poor ol’ Aussies get stooged again.

    PS Oooo! People are talking about me and Russell Crowe in the same articles! Does that make me only one or two degrees of separation from him? Which must put me pretty close to Kevin Bacon!

  4. Ade:

    In my dream world, there’ll be iTunes 4.8 tomorrow to coincide with the release of QT7 with Tiger.

    Key features on my wishlist…

    Nested playlists
    Support for AAC HE – this is going to open the door to higher quality tracks, multi-channel tracks from iTMS, using potentially less disc space and with quicker download times.
    Support for crossfades and CD-Text when burning CD-DA discs

  5. so where is it then? its lunch time thursday here in australia ……… still no store. Who cares if people can hack the store and download songs ….. its meaningless. Give us the ACTUAL store …. Obviously its thursday USA time if it will happen at all. Typical Apple. Always USA focused …… If there’s a bright center to the Apple universe we’re on the continent that is farthest from ….

  6. This just in, 13:30 AEST 28/4/05: I tried to search for ‘crystal’ in the iTMS and got the error message, “The Music Store is unavailable at the moment, please return later”. Is this the update?

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