What will users lose as Adobe swallows Macromedia?

“I have nothing against Adobe. I use the excellent batch of products in Creative Suite and look forward to test-driving the latest versions of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator (not so much GoLive, as I’m a Freeway Pro man). That said, I’m sorry to hear that Adobe has acquired Macromedia, which has long offered some strong competition for the folks behind Photoshop,” Dennis Sellers writes for Macsimum News.

“Yesterday it was announced that Adobe had agreed to buy Macromedia in an all-stock transaction valued at around US$3.4 billion (yep, that’s Billion, not Million). The deal has already been given the stamp of approval by the board of directors of both companies and should be finalized this fall. In a press release, Adobe and Macromedia officials made nice and said that they’re developing integration plans ‘that build on the cultural similarities and the best business and product development practices from each company,'” Sellers writes. Naturally, when two big dogs like Adobe and Macromedia merge into a single bigger dog, the two companies put a positive spin on it. But anytime a merger like this takes place, some folks’ favorite products will get chewed up in the process.”

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  1. Didn’t Macromedia buy Allaire and then intergrated ColdFusion into Dreamweaver?
    Maybe Go Live + Dreamweaver might turn into something good…
    I wonder who will be giving Illustrator a run for it’s money if they intergrate Freehand.

  2. MM did not integrate Cold Fusion into Dreamweaver. DW is an HTML development environment, Cold Fusion is a server-side scripting language. MM *did* integrate Cold Fusion Studio into DW. Studio was Allaire’s CF development environment, based on Homesite.

  3. My thoughts on the Macromedia apps:
    How to perfect FreeHand: give it the Adobe standard palette interface, let it read/write the most current Illustrator format, give it a transform palette, let it write the InDesign format. If I have to draw a complex maps FreeHand is the best tool by far. And professional cartographers are the reason that FreeHand won’t die any sooner than Framemaker did. That said I spend most of my time in Illustrator because I usually do simple stuff, and FreeHand’s palette diarrhea is annoying.

    There are plenty of HTML editors from many companies, the world will not suffer from the loss of either GoLive or Dreamweaver. Just give me a DW with the Adobe standard palette interface, ability to paste Excel data as tables, better speed and stability, call it GoWeaver, DreamLive, and I’ll be happy.

    Maybe Adobe could resurrect Fontographer with the Adobe standard palette interface, the ability to read/write unicode fonts, open type fonts, and Illustrator’s drawing tools.

    Obviously Flash is the crown jewel that Adobe has been salivating over. I hate Flash.

    Adobe is also salivating over those server and collaboration technologies like Breeze, Central, ColdFusion, Contribute, JRun, and Captivate.

    Director and Authorware will survive.

    RoboHelp is the basis of Windows help systems.

    I know a lot of people love Fireworks. I don’t. What does it do that either Photoshop or ImageReady don’t? Sell it.

  4. I like Dreamweaver; I don’t think it’ll go anywhere. But I’m also a long time Freehand user, and I have a feeling that it’s gone. Sad day indeed.

    I hope they at least integrate some of the page handling and long document features of Freehand into Illustrator. But since they are pushing InDesign for that I doubt they will.

    I use Photoshop and Freehand for almost everything print. I rarely break out Quark or InDesign unless a client requests it.

  5. Competition is what drives innovation. Windows, as bad as it is, would not be as good as it is without Apple, Linux and UNIX. The Mac OS is also better because of others in the space. The same is true in any market. Losing Macromedia as an independent company leaves one less perspective in the ongoing conversation of software for the creative markets. The only thing that would have been worse would have been a takeover by M$. Maybe Apple will have the good sense to hire some of the people who will be leaving Macromedia over the next 12-24 months.

  6. I was going to try and chime in with something clever, but these two posts are wayyyyy to good to compete with:

    donnie: “you lose your wallet”

    twenty Benson: “New merged product: Frustrator”

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  7. Just in,
    4-19-05 10:33
    Adobe to cut 60% of jobs and products at both companys.
    FreeHand to replace both Illustrator and Indesign. Stockholders rejoice as profits expected to exceed all time record.

  8. Smaller developers (relative to Macrobe) are the ones who are rejoicing. What an opportunity for growth with the consolidation of the big two.

    Btw- I’m not happy, but I wouldn’t mind being there for the geek fights to the death that are going to happen over interface philosophy….

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