New Sony NAS-CZ1 Network Audio System the first non-Apple player to support iTunes Music Store DRM

Sony Europe has introduced the NAS-CZ1, its new Network Audio System at the Sony Media Experience in Bordeaux.

The NAS-CZ1 will launch in Europe in July 2005 and is an easy way to listen to music stored on a home PC. To allow users to play their favourite music across their home, the NAS-CZ1 has multi-room capability where users can connect multiple numbers of NAS-CZ1s to one PC. The system can also be connected to any network using standard CAT5 network cable or via a wireless connection using one of the many 3rd party wireless LAN adapters widely available.

So that users can make the most out of their existing music library, the NAS-CZ1 allows automatic connection to a wide range of music jukebox software (including Musicmatch1, Windows Media Player2, iTunes3, and SonicStage4) via the supplied software M-crew Server.

This Network Audio System is compatible with a wide range of audio codecs (including MP3, WAV, OMG, WMA and AAC). According to The Inquirer, this new Sony product will work with “DRM-iTunes music. The unit is the first non-Apple player to support iTunes music, and goes back to a close licensing and collaboration agreement signed between the two companies last year.” Full article here.

DLNA compliant, the NAS-CZ1 can be connected to, and is compatible with, a variety of DLNA based PCs and consumer electronic products. In addition the built in omni-directional speaker system creates a wide acoustic field ideal for casual listening and allowing for almost any placement within the living environment.

The NAS-CZ1 has dynamic play list generation allowing users to listen to their most frequently, recently, new and never played tracks. A favourite playlist feature is also incorporated as part of the system. Complete with remote control it has never been easier to play music from your PC wherever and whenever you want.

A quick Google search reveals pre-orders are being taken at various outlets for around US$250.

See a photo of the NAS-CZ1 on Sony Europe’s press release page here.


  1. Hopefully this means that Apple has decided to license Fairplay. I, for one, want more product choices that play songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

  2. Soooooooonyyyyyyy!!! Come onnnn . . . what’s with de names? “NAS-CZ1”??? It sounds like a bulletin about a new disease from the National Institute of Health.

    No, but really, this thing looks like a belt sander I used to own! But hey, Sony — I give you a little credit: At least this thing works with iTunes. Good for you, you uncreative fools! And yes, by ‘uncreative’ I am implying that your names still suck!!!

    Hey, I keed. I keed the Asian electronics community.

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