Report: Apple preps 15.4-inch iBook to be launched in 2006

“With Quanta Computer recently securing orders for a new model of the Apple iBook, Asustek has lost its status as the sole contract maker for the popular consumer notebook series, sources close to the deal revealed yesterday. Quanta, already the biggest contract maker for Apple’s PowerBooks, will start to ship 14.1-inch widescreen iBooks as early as the fourth quarter of 2005, the sources said,” David Tzeng and Rodney Chan report for DigiTimes.

“Asustek has also received orders for a new model, the 15.4-inch iBook, which will be launched in 2006, plus follow-up orders for the 12.1-inch iBook and 12.1-inch PowerBook, the sources said,” Tzeng and Chan report. “Both Quanta and Asustek declined to comment on their reported deals with Apple.”

Full article here.

Mac Rumors article reminds us that, “In general, Digitimes’ reports have been consistently inaccurate. Last report claimed that Apple would be shipping G5 iBooks as well as G5 PowerBooks by end of the 2nd Quarter of 2005.”


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