Hey, SI, that Tiger Woods story was an April Fool’s Joke!

“Just another busy week for Tiger. Apple announced a partnership with Woods to promote the company’s new operating system. Then after Jesper Parnevik forgot to bring his clubs to Augusta (too weird to even make up), Tiger picks up the Swede’s clubs and delivers them. Now Tiger hopes to deliver a win to break his 0-for-10 major drought,” Mike McAllister writes for SI.com’s “Golf Power Rankings.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: (Sheepishly, scraping our toes in the dirt) Errr, that was an April Fools Joke article there, Mike. Sorry. You’d think that SI would be the last place fooled by our article – after all, we used the byline “Siddhartha Finch” as our giveaway clue!

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  1. I had to read it again. Just as funny the second time around. LOL LOL LOL. The editors and writers over at SI.com should know they need to verify facts before writing them.

    Now, Apple is going to get sued by Tiger Woods b/c he hasn’t received a residual check. Then Apple will turn on MDN, take what little money the site makes and then shut the site down.

    Sad. LOL.

  2. This really isn’t funny. The state of journalism today is deplorable. No one checks facts.

    Let’s face it, sports is a multi-billion dollar business. These guys are serious journalists. This isn’t some group of fans in a basement talking about sports. To get fooled by an April Fools joke on a Mac fan website (no diss intended, I read MacDailyNews every day) is just beyond the pale. How can you report something like this and not do the most basic of fact checking?

    I’m disgusted.

  3. Google News even picked up the story the next day as a main listing under “Apple Computer”.
    I’ve set the new News.Google site to include a section for “Apple Computer” and MDN now has two of the three listings displayed!!

  4. The journalists of Sports Illustrated get distracted by their swimwear models. Who cares if their reporting is not fact checked. Everyone buys their magazine for the pictures.

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