Thurrott: If Microsoft can secure Windows, why can’t Apple secure iTunes Music Store?

“I subscribe to a line of thinking that goes like this: Windows is attacked so often because it controls such a large portion of the market. Period. So we might be able to apply this thinking to another popular software market–online music services, in which the Apple Computer iTunes Music Store dominates,” Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo. “Predictably, iTunes, like Windows, is attacked far more often than its Windows-based competitors. Or is it? The truth is that iTunes is compromised far more often than Windows-based services, but how often hackers attack Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme is unclear. Regardless, iTunes, like pre-XP SP2 versions of Windows, has fallen time and again under the withering attack of hackers who are intent on gaining access to the service. Doing so is amazingly easy. Last week, infamous encryption hacker DVD Jon broke through Apple’s weak security and offered Windows and Linux users a way to purchase iTunes tracks without DRM. Apple fixed the hole, of course. But a day later–just 1 day–DVD Jon was back with a new version of his hack that foiled Apple’s efforts. My question is simple. If Microsoft can secure a system as complex as Windows, why can’t Apple secure one service?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Thurrott “subscribes to a line of thinking” that is obviously wholly unique this side of schizophrenia; we can’t help wondering if his rate is competitively priced to Napster To Go’s $14.95 a month. If Paul stops paying his fees, would he start thinking logically? For entertainment purposes alone, we hope Microsoft never stops covering Paul’s subscription expenses.

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  1. iTunes hasn’t been ‘attacked’. It hasn’t been ‘hacked’. Access to the music store has been accessed by a third party program that does not apply the DRM to the music the same way iTunes does. Solution? Apple changes their distribution to now apply the DRM to music on it’s server, before it transmits the information to your iTunes client. Now, no matter which client conects to the music store, the music paid for (this is key, you have to PAY for your music before you download it) is downloaded WITH the DRM already in it.

    Thurrotts idea of security leaves a lot to be desired. And did he actually say “If Microsoft can secure a system as complex as Windows..”?!

  2. “If Microsoft can secure a system as complex as Windows, why can’t Apple secure one service?”
    Did I miss something here. Is he saying that Windoze is secure?
    Gotta luv Thurrott!

  3. Sounds like Thurrot’s website is down on hits. What better way than to bait people to flame him. A hit to his website is more money in his pocketbook.

  4. OMG, this guy must have lost his job writing propaganda for the USSR. No WAIT didn’t someone once note that he does this crap on purpose in order to get hits from all of us Mac users? I’m not sure.

  5. “If Microsoft can secure a system as complex as Windows, why can’t Apple secure one service?”

    The first part of the premise is false. MS havs shown “time and again” that they cannot secure Windows, and the results are *devastating* for users.

    Hackers intercept Apple’s DRM stream, and that really is devastating for no one. The only victim is Apple, as they have to answer to the record companies.

    But the reason is understandable. DRM cannot thus far be applied to the purchased music files until they are downloaded. The hackers interrupt the DRM process, and they have the music file– big whoop– not really a hack so much as a work-around. And no one’s data is compromised.

    Again, big whoop. Almost makes me want to “thorrott” up.

  6. Microsoft can secure Windows? They haven’t done that yet…

    As for this iTunes stuff, I don’t know enough about it to have a thought. But it doesn’t sound right….

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