‘Significant shipments’ of Apple’s iPod shuffle begin to hit retail outlets

“Supply constraints associated with Apple’s new iPod shuffle player have begun to dissipate… Over the weekend, Apple retail stores and other associated retailers reported receiving ‘significant shipments’ of the new players. Until recently, these outlets had been receiving only a handful of iPod shuffle cartons each week, and sporadically at that. Each carton contains 20 iPod shuffles,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “‘We’ve now begun receiving them in batches,’ said one source. ‘There are too many to count; we have a ton.’ Virtually all backlog of iPod shuffle players is expected to disappear by April, sources said.”

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  1. At Last!!

    I have been waiting for one of these since it came out.

    I curious though, i am buying this to accompany my current 3G iPod for the gym etc.

    Are most people who buy this going to have no experience of iPods at all?

  2. Funny, I went to Best Buy this weekend to look for USB thumbdrives. At the front of the store there was a small table with iPod Shuffles there. I looked at the $79 price tag for a Geeksquad USB key, looked at the $99 price tag for the iPod Shuffle, and said “screw it”. I got the Shuffle, and have been happy ever since. It’s funny how easy I got the Shuffle, while others have been paining themselves to obtain one.

  3. I just bought one of these for my brother. In fact, he only received it just this past Saturday. He can’t quit raving about it. It’s his first iPod (he’s on his 2nd Dell DJ) and he is thoroughly impressed, even though it’s only the 512MB model (whereas his DJ is 20GB)

    Things he’s talked about loving more than once: The absolute ease of use that it+iTunes has. And he loves how it charges while plugged into the USB port.

    He said he’s not getting rid of his DJ, but he’s never buying another again. It’s all iPods for him in the future.

  4. the shuffle is the coolest thing ever. everyone who has seen mine has A, wanted to get one and gotten one B, tried to steal mine. GF put it down her shirt.. yeah like thats gonna stop me.

  5. I love my iPod shuffle! I got it on Feb 24 to accompany my 4G 40 GB iPod which I use to use daily. Now, it sits in its dock, waiting for me to use it again.

    I kind of feel sorry for my 40 GB iPod.

    Is there such a thing as iPod neglect? If so, I may have to be arrested for it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  6. a colleague at work noticed my shuffle and showed me his new mini. he stated that originally he went to buy a shuffle, but the apple store was out. they had mini’s so he said “it was only 50 bucks more, so i said what the fsck i’ll get the mini.” either way, he got an ipod.

  7. I work at target. We had them in add starting on the 28th. As far as I know all stores have 3-4 in-stock every day. We got more for the add. We get a shipment daily. Our store has not run out. We are selling a lot of them. I worked in electronics for 1 hour on sat and sold one. The electronics specialist said he had sold 5-6 that day. Target has around 1600 stores nation wide. so if they sell 5 per day per store it is 8000 per day. Good selling. I want to do a low ball # not over hype sales at target.

  8. jneal.. that’s exactly what happened to me..

    then.. you know.. they came out with a new iPod mini about two months later..

    Ah well, whatever..I LOVE my mini

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