First Albany raises estimates for Apple Computer

“Analysts at First Albany reiterate their “buy” rating on Apple Computer (AAPL), while raising their estimates for the company. The 12-month target price has been raised from $83 to $98,” reports.

“In a research note published this morning, the analysts mention that the company’s near-term margins are likely to be ahead of the guidance,” reports. “The performance of Apple Computer’s Shuffle and Mac Mini portfolios has been ahead of the earlier expectations, the analysts say.”

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  1. Do these analysts actually do any real work, or spend all day looking at their crystal balls?

    What a great job!

    “Hi my name’s Merve and I work at The Big Analysts. In addition to pumping out stock guestimates, we have a sideline at the local fairground. We do palmistry, tarot and of course crystal ball gazing. Ooooh, do you want to know your future?”

  2. AAPL will be way over $150 soon and I mean this year.
    There is zeta growth opportunity for Apple now and Apple is executing it.

    A have to change my expectations to $250 ie after this split $125
    Could not be happier because I bought my shares when they were round $13-$18 ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />. (I am still buying more thought)

    It is boring thought that American companies don´t pay that much dividend. Do they know what dividend is?

    Good thing is that US$ goes down like cows tail. Euro vs US$ will be soon something like 2.0 instead of 1.32 as it now is or even under that.

    (I have to remember to thank Bush for this opportunity to buy things cheaper from America.)

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