Griffin debuts Dock400 FireWire cable for Apple iPods

Griffin Technology today announced the Griffin Technology Dock400. The Dock400 is a FireWire 400 cable for synching and charging your iPod with your FireWire-equipped Mac or PC.

The Dock400 cable is 4 feet in length and uses Apple-approved connectors. The griffin Dock400 can be used with Apple’s iPod Dock or plugged directly into your iPod’s Dock Connector port. The Griffin Dock400 cable costs $17.95 and will begin shipping the first week of March.

More info here.

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  1. Regarding the “Does your Mac not have a USB port? Just wondering.” question… Yes, my G5 does… it has two on the back and one in the front… I’m not going to have a permanent cable stuck to the front, ’cause that’s ugly and annoying, and my Keyboard and Printer take up the two on the back… So, I’m either buying a cable or a hub, either way, I’m out some dough and left with an open Firewire port.

    And my condolences to all the poor people with older machines without USB 2.

  2. Steve Jobs screwed up here. I have a very expensive Mac, no, make that three very expensive Macs, that are all less than 24 months old. No USB 2.0. I want my frigin’ FireWire cable. It’s the principle, not the price. Why kow tow to Wintel customers who’ve ignored you for decades and screw people like me who’ve invested heavily in the platform? I am very disappointed, pissed off, and I’m not going away, either. I’m going to keep complaining until Jobs wakes the fsck up on this one.

  3. “This is an example of the private sector working efficiently.”

    Maybe it’s an example of third party suppliers asking Apple for more business opportunities and getting them.

    Secret word: half, as in “We don’t know the half of it.”

  4. Does the firewire cable provide power to the iPod? I was going to buy an iPod shuffle last week until I heard about the rumors of the new iPod minis. At $199, I might was well buy a 4GB mini, but I would need to use firewire because I own a Ti PowerBook (hence no USB 2.0).

  5. Wow, sour grapes anyone… look the new Ipod may not come with firewire standard but come on… its substantially cheaper, comes with a cable that works with your macs and uses Itunes. You guys have been harping about it being the software for ages, now act like you belive it. Yeah it takes up a port, but so what,.. if you use a mac keyboard (not a bluetooth one) then you have one in the keyboard. Otherwise you’ll plug it into the back (side of a laptop) or a hub. Yeah thats right a hub, because macs dont have nearly enough ports for all the stuff you want to plug in. Hell most computers dont have enough ports. The issue isnt wether or not Apple has “forgotten” Mac users by not including firewire, but rather that the tech works and that they dont have to manufacture extra connectors that just get thrown away. Its frugal, it doesnt inconvinence anyone with an older Ipod, or a newer computer. Plus you can buy a flipping firewire cable and still get the Ipod cheaper than the price it was a week ago.

  6. Macnut,
    Good find. However, it must cost more to make one of those than it does the individual FW and USB cables even though the retail price is the same. But since it seems to solve the whole issue for all consumers, why isn’t Apple shipping that instead? Nobody would be complaining if they would just give everyone a cable that works for everyone. Just shows that here Apple is thinking more about the cost savings for Apple than what’s best for the consumer.

  7. Welcome to capitalism and the bottom line, everybody. If your computer isn’t new enough to have USB 2.0, Apple wants to sell you a new box…they don’t give a flying f*ck about “loyal users.”

    Yes, they have great products compared to the competition, but stop expecting them to love you back. They’re a CORPORATION!!!!!

  8. Agree that its totally uncool of Apple to just remove the firewire cable this quickly! When Apple first introduced iPods to the Wintel market, they included a 6 pin to 4 pin Firewire converter to make sure that those wintel people without the proper firewire slot was able to connect the iPod to their machines.

  9. Looks like more a more companies are gonna want to join in the Apple iPod users tax scheme that SJ has so kindly introduced.

    Want to make a bit more money out of your iPod users – sell them Firewire cables, but only to the Mac lot as they have NO CHOICE.

  10. I have a choice. I choose not to by the new Mini. If it came with a Firewire cable I’d have one on the way to me in the mail already. Since it doesn’t, and since I spent nearly $3000 on my Apple computer less than two years ago- I’m not buying an iPod. I can’t believe we don’t even get to choose which of the two cables we want our Mini to ship with. Ridiculous.

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