Napster CEO Gorog: ‘it’s stupid to buy an iPod’

“Napster has revealed that it’s planning an aggressive marketing campaign again Apple’s iPod as part of its plans for a full launch of the Napster To Go portable subscription service later this quarter,” Yinka Adegoke reports for New Media Age. “The service, which soft-launched in the US in November, is likely to roll out in the UK in March. It’s one of the first services enabled by Microsoft’s Janus technology, which for the first time allows music files bought via subscription services to be transferred from a PC to a portable device.”

Adegoke reports, “According to Napster CEO Chris Gorog, speaking to NMA at MidemNet this week, his company is betting heavily that the monthly ‘all you can eat’ subscription model will win the battle of the digital services, rather than the download strategy currently pursued by Apple’s iTunes, which has around 70% of legal download sales. He believes the best way to market the new service is to emphasise its advantages over iTunes. He’s particularly keen to highlight iTunes’ iPod-only compatibility. ‘We’re going to be communicating to people that it’s stupid to buy an iPod.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you bought or are considering buying an iPod, you’re stupid and you should rent music from us instead? That’s Napster’s marketing concept? Is that the proper way for “the biggest brand in digital music” to act? Napster is doomed.

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  1. If my intent is to usurp the DRM, then yes, the Napster rent model is superior. I could subscribe for a month or three, download to my heart’s content, rip a mess of CDs then cancel my subscription.

    It reminds me of the old “get 10 LPs for 1 cent” Columbia House program, except I don’t have to purchase seven albums at regular price.

  2. Wow, this guy just called all the people who are most likely to buy an MP3 player (the ones who have proven they are into it by already buying one) stupid? This is a marketing stategy? “Oh you are so studid!! Why did you buy that??? Well anyway, get your stupid ass over here and switch to our service.”

    I just realized while writing this that we should be careful to be gentle with current PC users. Most of them just didn’t have enough information when they chose a PC and so just did what everyone else was doing. We have to make sure we let them save face when they switch or add a Mac.

  3. And so the delusions continue. He really believes people will choose their players based on which service they work with. The vast majority of people buy players first, then use a download service as an afterthought. Folks will not buy a crummy, ugly iPod wannabe just because it works with Napster. People don’t give a damn that it works with Napster.

    Say, am I mistaken, or isn’t Napster still a web-based store? A web-based store is unlikely to put up any serious resistance to the integrated application of iTunes, which is much easier to use.

    Hey, the magic word is “wife”! Appropriate, because I’m buying mine an iPod with my bonus money from work. And I’m sure she’s just crushed that it won’t with Napster.

  4. I don’t even own an iPod (YET!!) and I use iTunes exclusively as my music manager because it’s the best jukebox I’ve tried in all my years of playing music on my computers (windows & Mac). When I do get an iPod, my experiences will only get better.
    My word of the evening is “room”, which there is plenty of in the music & mp3 markets, it’s just sad to see how the competition is going about trying to compete.

  5. The epitome of marketing stupidity:

    First call them stupid, then convince them of buying from you.

    P.S. : I laughed so hard I actually peed in my pants. What a fu–ing idiot!

  6. I am soooo looking forward to Napster going down for the count and sleeping in the dirt. They cannot seem to conceive that people don’t want to rent their music. But they love the idea for themselves because it’s the only way for them to, theoretically, make money from online music downloads without having a player being sold along with it.

    These are the best days to be a Mac user. I can almost hear the paradigm shifting…

  7. Here’s something even more stupid:

    Buying a subscription from a company going out of business.

    Rent or buy, take your pick. But buying into the Napster family is moronic. They have less than 12 months worth of cash, and are basically gambling with your money.

    And THAT, I assure you, is stupid.

  8. Wow, I didn’t want to buy a pc, or a windows compatible player before, and I sure didn’t want to use napster to rent my music by the month, but that Gorog, he is a persuasive fellow.

    I guess I just didn’t realize I was so stupid for buying an iPod mini. And dumb ‘ole me, I filled it wrong because I only spent about $20 at iTMS (not the $1000 napster assured me it would cost) and filled the balance with music I already owned.

    I’m just glad Gorog pointed out to me how stupid I am. Maybe I’m not stupid, maybe I just miss things that are obvious (I must admit I didn’t know that napster is the biggest brand in digital music, but it must be because Gorog said so and he never says crazy, off-the-wall, WTF crap, right?).

    I must be some special kind of stupid because not only did I buy three iPods, I love using them too.

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  9. yo…uh notalib?
    yeah you.
    Where exactly did Heroin call anybody “stupid”? I read and re-read the post you were criticizing for calling somone stupid, but it wasn’t there. It was, in fact, a response to a completely out of left field comment by someone earlier on.

    And then you come in and c*rse at someone and accuse them of something they didn’t actually do and call them a hypocrite? Sound like you need a tall glass of chill the f*ck out!

  10. Since someone mentioned, I went to see if they where still around. Well they are, but scroll down the page and on the left side, click the spot about having the highest bitrate. In the pop-up that is displayed, guess what the model is holding?

  11. billy boy

    Notalib is just being a typical MDN politics poster. Read something, draw your own conclusions, ignore contrary evidence, and shout the opposition down. You can join in by using the below:-

    The standard MDN politics method. Key points

    1) You are right. Everyone else is just plain wrong.
    2) Or idiots.
    3) If you write in CAPITALS, it lowers opponent’s IQs.
    4) Twist logic as much as possible.
    5) Never admit that you’ve made a mistake about anything, ever.

    Also never, ever mention that you are going to defy science and remotely upgrade firmware in iPods. That will rather comically get you reported to the FBI.

  12. Why is everyone going on about Heroin’s funny post? It seems to me that edd1e, the anti-liberal started the political argument by writing the following:

    “That’s already half of the market that he just gave up. He’s making the same mistakes as the liberals make in the senate.”

    edd1e, the people you call liberals did not give up half their market because that (lost) half would never vote for anyone mildly progressive in their views.

    One the other matter, could the CEO of Napster have a more perfect name? Gorog, The iTunes Destroyer! Gorog no like iPod. Gorog smash stupid iPod.



    Why is there always one idiot who brings politics into any subject on the net?

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