Napster CEO Gorog: ‘it’s stupid to buy an iPod’

“Napster has revealed that it’s planning an aggressive marketing campaign again Apple’s iPod as part of its plans for a full launch of the Napster To Go portable subscription service later this quarter,” Yinka Adegoke reports for New Media Age. “The service, which soft-launched in the US in November, is likely to roll out in the UK in March. It’s one of the first services enabled by Microsoft’s Janus technology, which for the first time allows music files bought via subscription services to be transferred from a PC to a portable device.”

Adegoke reports, “According to Napster CEO Chris Gorog, speaking to NMA at MidemNet this week, his company is betting heavily that the monthly ‘all you can eat’ subscription model will win the battle of the digital services, rather than the download strategy currently pursued by Apple’s iTunes, which has around 70% of legal download sales. He believes the best way to market the new service is to emphasise its advantages over iTunes. He’s particularly keen to highlight iTunes’ iPod-only compatibility. ‘We’re going to be communicating to people that it’s stupid to buy an iPod.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you bought or are considering buying an iPod, you’re stupid and you should rent music from us instead? That’s Napster’s marketing concept? Is that the proper way for “the biggest brand in digital music” to act? Napster is doomed.

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  1. The correct take is: How much business will Napster get from people that Gorog just called stupid?

    Exactly none. That’s already half of the market that he just gave up. He’s making the same mistakes as the liberals make in the senate.

  2. Fear

    The worst kind I’ve ever seen.

    This is getting pathetic. If you want to compare the merits of your service versus a competitors…fine, but calling 10 million+ buyers stupid? Not cool.

    Maybe they should find start making better ads rather than insult the competitions’ consumers.

    Also (from the press release): “The campaign’s thrust is said to be part of an educational initiative supported by Microsoft and many key device manufacturers.

    “educational initiative”? More like FUD initiative.

    One word describes this perfectly: “scared”.

  3. That’s right, edd1e! Them smarty-pants libruls don’t like it when I try to ban the teaching of evo-lootion in my son’s classroom!

    Magic word is “church”, as in no separation between it and state!

  4. you know, one of the things i have learned since the web became popular is how many idiots there are out there. i just never imagined there could be that many “journalists”, business “leaders”, etc. that just don’t have a clue. also, if people like this gorog person can be a ceo, then the u.s. economy is in pretty good shape because it is apparently providing jobs for practically ANYONE with a pulse.

  5. F*ck you Heroin, just because someone isn’t a liberal doesn’t mean they’re stupid. You should be more open minded and sensitive toward others than that. That is what liberals claim to be anyway after all isn’t it? Hypocrite.

  6. Gorog. What an idiot. Are you keeding me? What kind of moron does it take to get into bed even DEEPER with Microsoft? You’ve got to be joking. Looks like Microsoft’s technology should be re-named ‘Anus’, since that’s the type of people it’s attracting.

    What an anus-hole.

  7. Sadly, Gorog has risen to the level of his incompetence. Too bad it means he will take down an entire company with it… then again, maybe not. Wonder how long it’ll be before the job websites start seeing an increase in Napster employees seeking a new job…

    And, like rubbernecking at an accident on the freeway (which is just flat annoying and needlessly slows down traffic, IMO), I can’t wait to hear Gorog’s next take on that “it’s stupid to buy an iPod” line. My guess is it will be a doozy!


    Yea because if they don’t suddenly get a zillion subscribers they are going out of buisness. Selling music online doesn’t make any money, selling subscriptions is even worse.

    1: Customers who are tech savy are going to either pay for their music or download it for free via p2p networks.

    2: Those who have the money to buy a device most likely already have a cd collection already.

    3: Nobody is going to like to require peroidic hookups to their computer, they are not going to like to have to wait while 10,000 songs are re-downloaded either.

    4: The first time XP crashes and/or requires a fresh install will annoy the subscription user.

    5:The tech savy theif will download all the music and record it with another computer or device, mass theft.

    Owning the music is best, most don’t need 10,000 songs, a lot like to build their collection. It’s a personal thing.

    Napster is doomed.

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