Call to artists: Need Tiger eating Longhorn (cow) imagery

We’re looking for nice imagery of a “Tiger” gnawing, chewing, swallowing, mauling, or otherwise disemboweling a “Longhorn” steer (for obvious reasons). Photos, illustrations, whatever – hey, you Mac guys and gals are supposed to be “creative” and “artistic,” so how ’bout sending us something we can use to illustrate future Mac OS X vs. Windows Longhorn articles?*

It’ll take awhile before such articles will appear – it seems Microsoft isn’t quite ready cheese, so we have plenty of time. Longhorn is due “sometime in 2006, maybe,” while Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is due in “the first half of 2005.” With the image illustrating this article, we have a pretty weak starting point – someone’s got to have better.

What do you win? Nothing less than your very own photo or image credit in a very small font under the image every single time we use it! How can you beat that? So, let the entries flood forth (include the image(s) and the exact name you’d like us to use in your credit online) and we’ll share them in a future article. Email the image and your name to . Thanks in advance.

* By submitting an image to, you hereby grant MacDailyNews permission and rights to store, display, and use the image, its thumbnails, and your name as the artist, indefinitely on any of MacDailyNews’ web sites and in any of MacDailyNews’ advertising or promotional or merchandise materials. Photographs will be accepted only from the original photographer unless the imagery is public domain and free for anyone to use. Artists retain ownership of all copyrights. Photographs or images that violate the laws of copyright will be disqualified. Taunting Microsoft is strongly encouraged.


  1. The way features are being lopped off in order to insure that Longhorn meets its shipping date, it will probably be repulsively scrawny to our Tiger. In the movie ICE AGE, Sid the sloth was “borrowing” sabretooth tiger Diego to fool some other predators into thinking he was already dead — then it looked as if Diego wasn’t going to let him go. Wooly mammoth Manfred resolved the situation by telling Diego, “you don’t know where that’s been.”

  2. “…….Does anyone know the next cat. We’ll probably see that one before longhorn as well……..”

    hmmmmm good question….

    My vote would be for “Cheetah”….

    Supposedily, the fastest cat on the planet !

  3. I believe Cheetah was 10.1 and Puma was 10.0. Then Jaguar, Panther and Tiger, So It would be more like Lion, king of the Jungle. After that, you need a new theme.

    Even if Apple waits 18 months to release “lion” or whatever, it will still probably beat Loooooooooonghorn^_^

  4. b,

    I was thinking the same thing about Tiger being on its way out before we see Longhorn, to be replaced by… Ocelot, maybe? Clouded Leopard? Kodkod?

  5. A Tiger is more powerful and bigger than a lion so I doubt they will go with mac os lion. It sounds crap. Maybe Leopard or Cougar, not as tough as a tiger but sound cool.

  6. I don’t think that Apple will publicize the next cat until they are ready to preview it. Doing so now will imply that the current/upcoming OS is incomplete. But, according to…,1995,1205653,00.asp

    “According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple registered four new trademarks in early July: Cougar, Lynx, Leopard and Tiger. All four were filed under the “computer operating system software” category.”

  7. What you should have is a collage of images. Longhorn as first described (big, healthy), and then Longhorn pictures as features are removed (looking less and less healthy), and then a final picture of Longhorn and Tiger with a caption of the Tiger saying “Eh, it would cause me indigestion” or something.

  8. Ha! “King of the Jungle.” I wonder who actually coined that appellation because lions don’t live in jungles. Also, they wouldn’t stand a chance against those living bulldozers, elephants.

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