$10,000 to fill an iPod? Napster’s going to end up with egg on their face

“If Reuters is to be believed, Napster is spending US$30 million to promote their music rental service, starting with a Super Bowl spot. According to the article, Napster compares their $15/month fee with spending $10,000 to download 10,000 individual tracks from the iTunes Music Store,” Dan Knight writes for Low End Mac. “As if!”

Knight writes, “I don’t know what universe Napster is living in or how gullible they think the music-loving public is, but I can’t imagine how the won’t end up with egg on their face for this one. Ten thousand dollars! Ten thousand tracks? Sure, you could store 10,000 tracks on an iPod – but who would? And of those who would, how many don’t already own most of that material on CD?

“Apple has sold about 250 million tunes and 10 million iPods. Assuming everyone who owns an iPod is buying from iTMS (which probably is not the case) and that only iPod owners are using iTunes to purchase tracks from iTMS (which I know is not the case), we’re looking at Apple selling about 25 tracks per iPod. So how does Napster come up with their number? Simple, it’s the number of tunes you can store on a 40 GB iPod. And then the further assumption that you don’t have any of those 10,000 tracks on CD, so you’ll spend $10,000 to fill your iPod,” Knight writes. “If Apple knew how to do that, they could give away computers.”

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  1. I’d gladly spend ten large to fill my iPod. Hell, I just spent fifty G to get my teeth capped with a platinum veneer, and my mink fur sink set me back about twenty K.

  2. a good portion of the american public are ignorant TV zombies, believing everything they see….napster knows that

    and they know that this shit they shovel will be believed by some….sorry way to sell a product (or use of a product till you stop paying the subscription fee lol)

  3. Ultimately, the problem with Napster’s business model is that they’re putting the cart before the horse.

    Apple does things the right way: they put together the best (and best-selling) player out there, then they require you to use iTunes in order to load it with music. And while you’re at it, you can buy music from the iTMS, if you’re so inclined.

    On the other hand, Napster seems to think that consumers want to buy songs to listen to them… on their computer? on a player that the user doesn’t have? WTF?

  4. Let the Lemmings follow Micro$oft lead on this too! They will end at the bottom of the nearest cliff.

    Music lovers are not stupid. They will soon find out that the subscription model will break there bank, after all Micro$oft only wants their money.
    And for those with fewer brain cells than an amoeba: You could fill your music/mp3 hard drive player with all the subscription based music you want. But guess whats going to happen to it as soon as you stop making those payments?! Poof it’s magically useless space fodder!! That music will never be your’s unless you purchase it. Where’s the advantage of paying monthly installments, just to end up paying again to buy it?

  5. Well my family has easily spent a couple hundred over the last 2 years.

    Brought to you by the magic word MORE, as in we have spent more in the ITMS in the last 2 years, than we have spent in brick and mortar stores in the last decade…

    Now I have to find the time to digitize my wife and my vast album collection.

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