Apple’s iPod is a modern miracle

“In today’s society where teens rely heavily on music and technology, the joining of the two for entertainment and social activities, seems a most advantageous move by Apple, the creators of the iPod. Of course, CD players, MTV, tape cassettes and before that, eight tracks and records, had long used technology as a means to pass music from recording device to eager teenage ear. The iPod, however, is a diamond among rhinestones, a Godiva among Hersheyettes.Ê As technology advances, such gadgets do gain a certain edge over their rusted predecessors, but for good reason. Never could one shuffle songs on a radio, or group hundreds of records based on genre for easy access. It’s a modern miracle,” Emily Biondo writes for The View Newspapers.

“America seems to agree. In a January 24 press release, Apple reported that over 250 million songs had been downloaded from iPod’s music store, iTunes, thus far. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, said, “When we launched the iTunes Music Store, we were hoping to sell a million songs in the first six months. Now we’re selling over a million songs every day.” iTunes is leading the way into the digital music era and, together with iPod, is changing the way millions of music lovers find and enjoy their music,” Biondo writes.

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  2. “You don’t have to worry about it Jules, I’m on the muthaf**ker. Get back in there, chill them ****** out, and wait for The Wolf, who will be arriving DIRECTLY.”

  3. I workout at a facility here in Minnesota – and I have been going there for about 4 years.

    I was one of the first people to have an iPod there, and then after awhile, I’d sometimes count the number of people that I saw wearing the white earbuds. The numbers have been steadily increasing just to who I see at the time when I go, mindyou.

    I was there just last night, I could not get over how many iPods I saw. People were all over with them. Tons of ’em. I definityl could not count how many I spotted…

    iPod = off the charts

  4. JJ must be a boring place where you live. Where I live, people socialize and actually make friends and stuff. The music is mainly in the background through proper quality sound systems.

    damn ipod loners.

    Open up the development side of ipods and then maybe I might consider getting one. crApple – Following MS to become proprietary system loosers No.2

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