Pepsi iTunes Music Promotion officially underway

Apple and Pepsi have officially launched the “Pepsi iTunes Music Promotion” with 200,000,000 up for grabs.

Your song is in the bottle. 1 in 3 wins!

Look for specially marked 20 oz. and 1 liter bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Code Red and Sierra Mist. If your cap has a code, you win a free song on iTunes plus one entry into the “iPod mini” sweepstakes.

If your bottle cap has a code, you’ve won and you’ll need to download iTunes. First check the system requirements, then select the version of iTunes for either Mac OS X or Windows XP/2000 and click on the download iTunes button. To install iTunes you may need administrator access to your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions. On the last screen, select “Yes, take me to the iTunes Music Store” then click Done.

Look for and click on the Pepsi logo on the iTunes Music Store page to redeem the code found on your winning bottle cap or game piece. Then enter the code to get a credit for one free song plus one automatic entry into the “iPod mini” sweepstakes. If you have more codes to redeem, you can enter them for more credits. Code entry limit: 10 per day, 200 total.

If you’re a first-time iTunes user, you’ll need to open an iTunes account by completing the registration process. Once registered, follow the on-screen instructions to shop and redeem your free song credit. A credit card is not required to download your free song.

More info here.

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  1. People still drink Mountain Dew? Yuh-uuk. We used to call it panther piss. I try not to drink anything that looks like engine coolant. Now that I think about it, my neighbors slug mountain dew and smoke marlboro reds. This time of the year, we call them slednecks.

  2. We have had the bottles here in Raleigh, NC for a week and a half now. I already have three winners, but the “hack” from last year doesn’t seem to work. It seems that they are filling the bottles more so that you cannot see the code on the bottom of the cap. Drat!

  3. Wish they would do something like this in Japan. Hasn’t Apple said recently that they are planning on going after the Japanese market more? I hope they did not just mean the shuffle. I would like to see some freebie campaigns here too.

  4. I’ll remember the lesson I learned last year: I hate Pepsi products, and it’s cheaper to just spend 99¢ on a song than $1.29 on drink i don’t want, not to mention being a sure thing.

    That being said, I hope Pepsi does a better job of distribution this time. I never saw any bottles until the promotion was almost over last time.

  5. Well, I love Pepsi (got addicted to the stuff in college), so an iTunes song is just an incentive to drink more.

    Besides, it would be stupid to buy pop just to try to get a song. The idea is to steer you toward Pepsi if you’re in the mood for a Coke but aren’t particular.

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