“The tech business has a lot of trash talkers, but Dell CEO Kevin Rollins isn’t one of them. Reserved and circumspect, he chooses his words carefully. So it was quite a surprise to hear him launch a verbal attack against rival Apple Computer in a recent interview. Rollins dismissed Apple’s mega-selling iPod as a ‘fad,’ calling it a ‘one-product wonder,’ and he pooh-poohed the eye-catching Mac mini as inconsequential,” Nicholas G. Carr writes for BusinessWeek.

“Rollins’ comments are more than uncharacteristic. They’re troubling — and not just for their snippiness,” Carr writes. “They raise real questions about how well Dell understands the home market… If Dell wants to continue to rule in the home as well as the workplace, it may need to class up its act. Rather than dismissing fads, Rollins should try starting a few.”

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