Associated Press: Apple’s iPod shuffle’s ‘ease of use is unrivaled’

“Since Apple Computer Inc. introduced the iPod in 2001, competitors have been scrambling to match the simplicity and style of the popular digital music player. But try as they might, the original just keeps getting better. The latest flavor, the diminutive iPod shuffle, proves that fewer bells and whistles can be just as good as more,” Ron Harris writes for The Associated Press (AP).

“Unlike previous models, it uses flash memory instead of a hard drive. It’s also much more compact. And, starting at $99, much less expensive,” Harris writes. “And despite the absence of a display to tell you what’s playing, the Shuffle’s ease of use is unrivaled. It’s also a solid performer with sounds that holds up against most other flash memory-based MP3 players you’ll find on store shelves.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This AP article will be featured in thousands of media outlets via syndication and read by literally millions of people. Somewhere right now we hope Apple has factories stamping out iPod shuffles by the metric ton.


  1. You know. I’ve been shopping for a 512K thumb drive and i can’t find one for much less than $99. So what the hell… I’ll just buy a shuffle and then i’ll also have a sweet player for workouts and short drives. Besides it’ll have the neat lanyard and the ever cool Apple™ and iPod™ logos. Apple kicks butt-ox.

  2. The Win minions just don’t get it, they have spent the last year adding all kind of “extras” to their ‘iPods’ (it’s now officially a generic name for mp3 player) only to have Apple sell more of less…

  3. Smythe, my iPod mini shipped today, so i’ll get it in about a week..

    I can’t wait!

    I went in looking for a shuffle, but then I thought about it, and the idea of having multiple playlists on my iPod is just too much fun.. plus it hold contact info and has some neat games..mostly the idea of having a choice of playlists depending on my mood was the big one.

    Hey guys.. I just realized why Apple is selling socks…And I just want to buy one, not six…

    So I’ll be using one of my own socks around my iPod mini…

    That’s kinda like taking a Bentley through a McDonalds drive-thru huh?

  4. My old PE teacher always told us that the key to winning anything was to use the KISS stratergy,


    That’s what Apple has done, and that’s why the shuffle will dominate.

  5. using the word “tonne” in contrast to “ton” is effective only in writing, but if u use it in speaking, it’s best to refer to the former as Metric Ton.

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