Apple pushes past $70 in afternoon NASDAQ trading

Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) today pushed past the $70 mark and at last check was $70.11 per share, up 0.86, or 1.24%, on heavy volume of 20,869,427. Apple’s intraday high is $70.70.

NASDAQ Apple quote, 15-minute delay, here.


  1. do I hear $100 a share?!

    It concerns me, though, that the price will drop considerably at about 2:00 pm EST, when everyone finds out that there will be no headless iMac this quarter…

    Please let me be wrong on both counts!

  2. It’s okay if it falls. This has been an Apple Bubble, and it has been going up too fast. Someone needs to let some air out before it pops and destroys its (and Apple’s) credibility.

  3. Alas, the stock has dropped of the days high as people who have sold at $70. After reaching the high it has pulled back. It will probably drop some more into the low 60s and then it will be time to buy.

  4. Bet Apple execs are the ones selling since they may have “leaked” all the hype in the first place.

    wow…. my magic word is “lower”. hmm…..

    The Dude abides.

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