Report: No live webcast or satellite broadcast of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo keynote

According to a brief report on MacInTouch, “Steve Jobs is not allowing any real-time webcast or satellite broadcast of his Macworld Expo keynote.” The MacInTouch report is based on a note from Apple Computer that was forwarded by a MacInTouch reader:

Apple will not be making satellite coordinates available. Although the keynote will be available on our web site – it will not be available until sometime after the keynote is over.

According to the MacInTouch reader’s note, Apple does not have a time determined for when the Jobs Keynote QuickTime stream will be posted, so it may not be immediately after the keynote is over.

MacDailyNews Take: Things get weirder with each passing hour…


  1. I think it is more likely that folks have asked Steve not to broadcast it, because so many people would be watching, it would bring the internet to its knees. Better to spread the load out somewhat by posting it when everyone knows the gist of what has been announced. Then you can wait for a time convenient to you, which will be different than everyone else’s time.

  2. well, I am going to take this opportunity to make my MacWorld predictions:

    headless mac? Yes, and for $499
    flash iPod? Yes, thinksecrets prices
    iPhone? Nope
    New Powerbooks? Sadly, no…but we’ll see an update in the next month or two…
    New PowerMacs? Nope
    Lots of talk about the next OS X? You betcha
    iLife2 – yes! (Garageband2 will rock!)
    iWork – yes!

    That’s about it. Should be a kick ass MWSF!

  3. Rumors sits have been bad bad bad! Steve’s going to take his ball and go home. He’s going to stop making Insanely Great products and shut down Apple. All because rumor sites and the other media outlets are taking away the surprise, the glory and power that give Steve his hipness, and all the anticipation.

    If I was in the business of creating pre-event hype, I’d sue anyone that took that away from me. It’s just amazing that Apple can have products built and stockpiled and the greater world as interested as we are, have no knowledge.

    I would rather read incorrect pre-keynote speculation, than ruin the anticipation. If all these rumors are true and there’s nothing new to learn at the Stevenote, it would be a letdown no?

    I hope Apple comes out with something that isn’t out on the rumor sites. Something like the Airport Express, that even though I might not buy one, is an insanely great idea and adds more value to having a Mac. All these rumors would be wonderful if true, but the surprise is now ruined.

    When the iPod mini rumor came out it was going to be $99. What a let-down for $249, but that $249 price was exactly the right price. The crowd was clearly let-down. Some were angry. The rumor destroyed the moment and loaded us with pre-conceptions.

    Rumors are great, but save them for between-event speculation, please. Let the hype build. Give Steve his glorious moment without feeling like he telling us something we already know. I love the rumors, but I want reality to be better and unexpected when the time comes.

  4. I will be going to the keynote. I have considered setting it up so I could put out announcements and they would go to my blog automatically, would there be a demand for such a thing? Let me know. If I get enough response then I will do it.

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