Motorola executive previews iTunes Phone at CES, syncs to iTunes like an Apple iPod

“A Motorola executive on Thursday previewed an upcoming mobile phone that can play music from Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes store,” Matt Hicks reports for eWEEK. “Speaking during a keynote at the International Consumer Electronics Show here, the executive demonstrated the phone, which in many ways mimics the iPod. It syncs with a computer and the iTunes Music Store like an iPod does, and incorporates the iPod interface for navigating and playing digital music, said Ron Garriques, a Motorola executive vice president.”

“The phone is the first of many Motorola devices that will support iTunes this year, said Garriques, also president of Motorola’s personal devices business. He didn’t provide product details for the phone or say when it would be available. But the demo at CES bolsters rumors that an iTunes-compatible Motorola phone would be launched this month, possibly at the Macworld conference and expo that opens next week in San Francisco. Last month, an Apple executive revealed that the phone was due in the first half of 2005,” Hicks reports. “In July, Motorola announced a licensing deal with Apple to use iTunes in its phones.”

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  1. Anon
    I dunno, the RAZR V3 from Moto looks pretty nice to me:

    Very low memory, like less than 10MB IIRC. That combined with likely a low battery capacity, then you have a very cool idea, but maybe not fully realized (yet). It’s all metal construction looks promising and very sleek, the phone seems very compact and hopefully as well built as it appears. Certainly a far cry from many of the other turds that Motorolla has made of late. I’m partial to LG as I like their flip phone designs. I don’t think I’d buy a non-flip phone at this point although some people hate flip phones for some reason… To each his or her own I guess.

  2. There was never an “iPhone”. It was very clear that when first discussed by Apple that they were developing an interface that would enable a Moto cell phone to accept iTunes downloads from a computer (not directly). All this talk about an iPhone was by instigated by rumor sites and posters over the net. Also the phone will not hold a large number of music files. It’s amazing to me how people don’t pay attention to what Apple said at the time they discussed their pending arrangement with Moto. As far as design, Moto phones look similar to LG, Samsung and Nokia. The new Razr is a very nice looking phone and is the advanced design of any currently on the market.

  3. if you look at the motorola website the words they use to describe there next generation of phones (and the V3) are:

    sleek design

    minimalist style

    ease of use

    anodized aluminum

    Which sounds a lot like the words used to describe the iPod mini when it first came out…perhaps the iPhone wasn’t too big of a stretch.

    If Hp can have its own iPod, than why can’t Motorola be the maker of the iPhone? Or something to that extent but by a different name….

  4. Yes but can I use it to open my car, change channels and make a daiquiri. -a vibrating a sex-prod attachment?. No?… Ok I’ll wait. I am a geek, but even in my geekiest moments. I want a break from technology. How many of you use the calculator and thermometer on your Nokia phone?

  5. This was simply a “preview”, so there may be some more details to be announced in the coming days from either Apple or Motorola. I still would like to see pics and know if it uses a color screen, and if it can handle playlist like an iPod, and, and, and……..

  6. rob
    he RAZR is a flip phone… what am I missing?

    Nothing. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply the RAZR was not a flip phone.. just there are other phones out there that are pretty spiffy if you don’t like flip phones, but I do.

    As far as flip phones go, the RAZR seems more about fashion than function, but if Motorola can make a decent phone that’d be nice. Their software has tended to suck pretty bad from my experience, and not just my experience, read some of the reviews of their phones online:

    As far as design, Moto phones look similar to LG, Samsung and Nokia. The new Razr is a very nice looking phone and is the advanced design of any currently on the market.

    “Look similar” sorta like the iPod knock-offs “look similar” in some cases. The devil is in the details, and a lot of Motorola phones I’ve played with seemed sub par on the hardware side, and the software has just not been as elegant as LG is. If I wanted a solution that worked, but not very well, and felt clunky and half ass, you think I’d be typing this message on a Mac?

  7. …. needs to get off their ass and do some better cooperation with Apple. Their music approach has, is and will continue to fail. They need to team with a winner like Apple.

    If Moto gets this half right, it will positively impact negatively on Nokia.

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