Audiovox announces iPod Mobile Interface Kit

In response to the overwhelming popularity of the Apple iPod, Audiovox Corporation has announced a compatibility program that allows the device to play through your car stereo system. According to Tom Malone, Senior VP, Sales, “Unless you’ve been off the planet you know that iPod has virtually taken over the portable listening habits of people from 16 to 65 and older.
Our new iPod Mobile Interface Kit extends this capability to the mobile environment.”

The Audiovox iPod Mobile Interface Kit allows for a direct connection of the iPod to most factory radios for playback through the cars audio system. In addition, it allows the radio controls to operate the iPod and even allows the driver to use the steering wheel control* to the iPod. You can use Next Track, Previous Track, and Fast-Forward & Fast Rewind. The system will also charge the internal battery of the iPod.

The Audiovox iPod Mobile Interface Kit is easy to install with a plug in connection to the CD Changer port. Turn on the car radio and the radio buttons will activate Next Track, Previous Track, Fast Forward and Fast Rewind.

“Best of all,” says Malone, “The iPod screen will display all the Song/Artist data, and browse, same as if it wasn’t connected. Additionally, if the vehicle has factory-installed radio controls on the steering wheel, they will work with the iPod Mobile Interface Kit, allowing the driver to change tracks, Previous or Next as well as FF and Rewind.”

The company is introducing the iPod interface as both a dealer installed and a DIY program. For the do-it-yourself market, Audiovox will offer fulfillment. A consumer purchases the iPod interface module and then calls an 800 number with vehicle information so the proper connecting cable can be shipped. The company has committed to shipping the cable within 24-36 hours. The iPod interface will be available in January 2005 and will carry an MSRP of $200.00.

*Note: Factory radio must be equipped with CD changer control. Must have steering wheel radio controls for that feature to operate.


  1. first Alpine, then Pioneer, now Audiovox… seems the head unit manufacturers are finally getting on the ball with iPod compatability!

    And no, Thurrot, these WON’T work with your Dell DJ!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  2. El Rocco,

    Wouldn’t be surprised… there wasn’t any other info on Pioneer’s iPod connector yesterday when it was announced other than a press release, and it took monster a couple of days for their aftermarket solution to have a web presence.

    Things move pretty fast at the CES, sometimes too fast for web designers I guess!!

  3. Would someone explain to me why none of these car integration scenarios uses a dock? They all utilize a plug in situation. It seems like the most elegant and logical solution. Just slide it in like an 8-track.

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