IGG Software changes name of ‘iWork’ to ‘iBiz’ – clearing the way for Apple’s iWork?

Last week, we mentioned a report by ThinkSecret that stated that Apple will launch a new “iWork ’05” productivity suite at Macworld Expo San Fransicso. The software is said to “include Keynote 2 as well as a new application, Pages,” Ryan Katz reported for ThinkSecret.com. “iWork ’05 will require a 500MHz system and Mac OS X 10.3.6 , sources say. Additionally, the software will require a serial number. It’s unclear whether the new iLife ’05 will also require a serial number–previous versions have not. Also unknown is where iWork ’05 pricing will fall. It’s unclear whether Pages will simply encompass a word processing application or whether Apple will wrap spreadsheet functionality into it as well.”

“What is almost certain, however, is that iWork will come bundled with most, if not all, of Apple’s new systems, including the new $500 headless iMac. Such a move will enable Apple to market the affordable system as being ready-to-go out of the box with all the software most needed by users, including PC switchers,” Katz reported. Full article here.

In the MacDailyNews Reader Feedback to the original article, MDN reader “Solar Flare” remarked that, “There is already a company producing ‘iWork’: http://www.iggsoftware.com/iwork/ Looks like Apple will have to call it something else if it is gonna happen.”

Today, MDN Reader “macnut222” reports that IGG Software’s ‘iWork’ has been recently (as in today) changed to ‘iBiz’ – http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibiz/ (The web page states: “iBiz: formerly IGG Software’s ‘iWork'”)

MacDailyNews Take: A very interesting development.

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  1. If this turns out to be real it could be very big. The big question: what is under the hood? Open Office, original code, a revision to AppleWorks or some third party app now pulled from the market.

  2. sorry, folks..but this iWork suite is a bum call..
    I am 100% positive bout this..as for the ‘headless’ Mac…last I checked, 85% rumor only! being a Mac PowerUser and in the know, keep your dreams simple, not as flashy.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Serious post…
    Ok, I don’t think the other application will be called Pages. It is vague and generic and does not convey any information on its purpose. TEST: Clear your mind and think of nothing… now think of the word “Pages”. Vague, right? I’m sure Apple has a good marketing team and they’ll come up with something more relevant. I think people should post their guesses at what the document application’s name should be. My choice: Folio

  4. Someone on the MacRumors forums though up the word ‘Thesis’ rather than ‘Pages’. It seemed to go over pretty well.

    What do you guys think about it?

  5. If a Office replacement and iPhone is true, then all my imaginable dreams have come true. Waiting now is the tough part. The headless iMac speculation was even on Headline News…hope it is true or there are going to be alot of problems.

  6. Edge,

    Pages works for me, especially if it encompasses OpenDoc components. Maybe there is a “page”, which contains word processing elements, graphics and spreadsheet functions, not separate applications that work together.

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